Ruby Sanctum

Diabolicum @ Kirin Tor
1 Troll Priest
Hi, is Ruby Sanctum opened in this server?
I find people on /global looking for member for Naxx, Ulduar, Toc and ICC, but never saw anyone asking people for ruby sanctum

Coztume @ Kirin Tor

1 Night Elf Hunter
It's not, ICC opened 3 months ago so don't expect it for a year at best.

Algalonisoff @ Kirin Tor

1 Gnome Warlock
There's no Battered Hilt even after three months of the release of ICC.

Deathstep @ Kirin Tor
4 Dwarf Paladin
Yes give casters their bis PvP trinket

Treebag @ Kirin Tor
2 Night Elf Druid
If RS is released, only a fraction of the population would be able to enter it due to the progression system on Dalaran. Very few of the active guilds remaining have a full clear of ICC 25. Those that do are working on heroics will eventually get frustrated with lack of progression on HC LK and possibly will end up like Squad, which is kind of sad in a way since at one point Squad had the highest raid DPS out of all of the guilds on the server for heroic Twin Valks.

The meta achievement for the mount doesn't work so there's nothing to look forward to while Loth figures out what he wants to do with the encounters and ICC buff. I project most guilds will stop raiding ICC 25 by January and those who continue to play will end up doing 10 man raids or making Glory Hole wet with anticipation to have geared and competent raiders who still want to do ICC 25 to go to their weekly pug.

Battered Hilt quest line coding was posted on the bugtracker with all the relevant coding for it. The battered hilt does not break the "progression feeling" of Dalaran. Who cares if a fresh 80 can buy the hilt. They can't complete the quest line as it requires you to go into the ICC dungeons which have an achievement requirement. There is absolutely no reason for the battered hilt to be out of the game. I take that back.. There is absolutely one reason for the battered hilt to be out of the game - laziness.

I know all of this sounds pessimistic as fuck but the writings on the wall. Loth needs to come up with a way to fix all of this shit and he needs to do it soon.

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