Feedback: RDF Needs a re-tool

Creampuffs @ Kirin Tor
6 Tauren Shaman
Edited by Creampuffs on 2017-12-06 21:56:04
One of the major draws for me playing WotLK is RDF. As much as people poo poo it for having destroyed the community I find it an invaluable tool in managing my time more effectively when finding dungeon groups.

However, I think it's due for a rework. I get the idea of stretching the levels in RDF, and I support it quite frankly. It has to satisfy a much lower population than retail, but these are the unintended consequences I have come across:

1. The stretching of levels in RDF is causing repeat runs of the same dungeon. A good example of this in the 50-58 range. It's most likely you will end up with running BRD-Prison - No matter your level. There is little to no chance to get: Scholo, Strat, Lower Spire, Upper Spire unless you queue for it directly because RDF is pooling everyone to BRD. I find this situation to be the same in TBC. People get bored really quick when they know that they are being funneled into the same dungeons and will most likely avoid RDF.

2. The possibility of running dungeons with grey mobs exists. Fighting grey mobs is demoralizing. I believe the general rule should be that the lowest mob you fight in a dungeon should be green so that people who queue don't feel like they are wasting their time.

3. Furthering point two, but in the opposite direction. I queued up on my 70 tank for a random WotLK run and got Azjul-Nerub not only once, but twice. The first group were 70 (and maybe lower) while the second was more mixed. We were outgunned but we still gave it a go. If I recall this dungeon was 72 just to queue in retail. Again, RDF should be level appropriate.

4. Something is off in the RDF algorithm. I can't quite put my finger on it but you can sit in the queue for a very long time with no one else showing up, but if you leave and re-join suddenly more players pop up. This is a known defect to players.

I'm not against the level stretching. I'm suggesting that the appropiate questions be asked before assigning the range.
1. Will the player get experience (no grey mobs)
2. Is it level appropriate. Can X level Tank/Heal handle the dungeon as designed.

If the above criteria is put into RDF I believe all who queue up will get a much better experience.

Wletmepostwc @ Kirin Tor

1 Night Elf Druid
I agree with this.. sadly nothing will change

Xeakon @ Kirin Tor
10 Undead Priest
You forgot the fact that sometimes Rdf teleports you to the nearest cemetery while alive and if the leader leaves the dungeon and you are the last member(along with him) if he exits.

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