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Tygra @ Kirin Tor

80 Tauren Druid
Edited by Tygra on 2014-05-25 19:23:56
Hello there,

I have been thinking about this community recently. There are community events (noble garden etc) but nothing arranged by players or GMs (they have alot of their plate so they are forgiven). So here is my idea (s)...

Last year (or before that) the well known streamer Athene got together some of the best guilds in warcraft and set them on a race to complete certain raids. There are alot of awesome raiders on this server, why not do the same?

In the name of sportsmanship and community, decent banter (no flaming) and hopefully increasing the population here a bit, I would like to organise a similiar event.

There is no prize to be won here other than "gg well played" I'm not interested in igniting a flame-a-thon and I hope it stays that way.

what this thread is aimed at doing, is to see who is interested in participating. I don't want to see flaming replies or QQ here. It will get deleted.

Simply state.

Guildname - 10/25 and the raiding days your team can participate.

It will likely be done over a weekend and I will continue to think of a way that both EU and NA guilds can actively compete without the issues of "Hey, we're raiding at 4am here"

Thanks in advance, I hope this works out.


P.S To any GM - if this is against any rules, please let me know.

Currently list of participants:


Achílles @ Kirin Tor
of the Nightfall

80 Human Warrior
Edited by Achílles on 2014-04-28 11:38:15
Sounds awesome to me.
I adore races and especially raid races when it comes to 25s.
I fully support this.

Sounds like a decent plan and idea.

- OverDoZer - Saturday (10 Mans) / Sunday (25 Mans) / Monday (any kind of Reruns)
Maximum of 12 hour of raiding if needed on both 10 and 25. (24 in total + additional 4 hours of rerun if needed)
For me, I can raid and lead 24 hours straight if needed and talk non-stop.
(Warning: We are in the state of gearing mostly + recruiting people [sort of]) - but we'll have enough for 10s and 25s.
So I can't really enforce any races until some decent gear is gathered, logically.
Though, this should be awesome during summer holidays, since I bet a lot of people have incoming exams and ton of work and projects. Just the heads up.

Tygra @ Kirin Tor

80 Tauren Druid
Edited by Tygra on 2014-04-28 11:41:20
Nice one Achilles. As stated it won't be for another month or so, gearing should not be an issue by then.

If it takes off, I'll be doing this in the middle of every tier.


Dankk @ Kirin Tor

74 Undead Priest
I don't understand this. The big races occur when new content is released. Would this just be a weekly/monthly race for others to get a chance at winning something?

Dankk @ Kirin Tor

74 Undead Priest
Not trolling, honestly curious.

Chereyos @ Kirin Tor

80 Night Elf Priest
It's just a little competitive fun game for the guilds to play while waiting for the next tier. You could put in some prices like the guilds could wager gold or something, but I think most will set themself satisfied with being #1.

Haldron @ Kirin Tor
the Patient

80 Troll Hunter
+1 for this idea. Streams of that kind of events are always welcomed in gaming community, so it can only benefit the popularity of server or at least,hardcore guilds will have some fun,because this stagnant period between tiers can be pretty boring.

Lothloryen @ Kirin Tor
Staff Member
Hello there,

This is, indeed, a great idea. We were already thinking on something similar (suggested by Averdoom) so, like I did say Tygra by private message, since he has started this we could work together into polish the idea and make something really great. I like it.

Sadly, I could not afford (at least now - working on class fixes and Ulduar) to spend much time into programming something quite elaborated for this.

But if there is enough players/guilds interested on just making this race through the Algalon realm itself, we the staff members could provide support, help with the organization and advertise it.

If it results successful with the tier 7, we could repeat it at least once per tier and of course, polish and make real Averdoom's idea.

Thank you very much.

Blackdruidd @ Kirin Tor

1 Tauren Druid
Edited by Blackdruidd on 2014-05-26 19:07:10
Heck, something like this every month with 2 titles awarded, 1 for winning at least 1x and 1 that only stays with you til another group wins cause that same group might win 2 months in a row, or people that win 1 month can not participate a 2ed consecutive month.

Just reminds me of Vanilla PvP titles that you REALLY had to work for and when they changed that part of the game whoever had whichever title kept it, just don't keep it.

This also wouldn't be a bad thread for the Suggestions & Opinions section of the forums.


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