LF mutual friends

Darkorange @ Kirin Tor

1 Human Rogue
Good morning/evening rats and gentlemen!

As the topic of this thread clearly explains, I am looking for players that share the same interests and passion as I do!
TL;DR - If you're interested in WPvP, whisper me or let me know your ingame name so I can friend you and whisper you if something is going down!

This server has become a bucket of shit over the past 6 months. The only players that are left are 12 yearolds, PvE Heroes, pacifists and horde sympathisers.
But even a bucket of shit can contain a shiny pearl or two, and you could be the pearl I am looking for!

As some of you may have noticed, I do not hold a friendly attitude towards the horde rats on this server. Infact, I really do hope my actions will make some of them quit this game entirely. I do not queue for bg's, I hardly enter arena, and I do not waste my time in WG. I find it pointless to fight in an area where the opposite faction really do not care whether they win or lose, as they still get points, and if they lose, they'll probably win the next one anyway so they don't really care.
When I do events, I try to locate the places where the opposite faction have a great desire to enter or have somewhat use for. That is why I scout for horde raids who are about to enter a precious dungeon/raid, or camp quest hubs or simply knock out their auctioneers for a period of time. These are actions that almost inflict real physical pain to a player who really wish to enter a raid, use an auctioneer or deliever a quest.

If you're a player who share the same passion for horde slaughtering as I do, let me know who you are so I can friend you. I'll let you know if I am hunting for rats, forming an Anti Raid Squad, AH takeover crew or just someone to talk to and compare amount of rat scalps that have been collected during the day.

I will always chase, gank, slaughter, camp and do everything in my power to destroy any fun and joy the horde rats have in this game!
I will not stop until I hear keyboards getting smashed into pieces, accounts getting deleted, or great forum posts full of tears are posted!


Darkorange - The ultimate rat slayer and your True Hero of the Alliance.

Hhellhammer @ Kirin Tor

7 Tauren Shaman
....I like you :P

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