The current arena PvP scene, feel free to give opinion

Rencelia @ Kirin Tor
1 Human Warrior
Still wonder when there will be a confirmation that arena titles will get handed out, when season will end? Top teams stop to queue even more because there is nothing to "fight" for and arena is just getting worse and worse. At this point it's mostly same teams you face, or those teams got alts they play on so pretty much the same people. Been a lot of fixes and updates lately but I still truly feel the PvP don't get love? Host a 3v3 tournament to get people interested or something. Reason why I say 3v3 is because its far more balanced than 2v2, and in a 2v2 tournament there might be 30min+ games which no one enjoys or enjoy to watch. Preferably maybe 1 month in advance so people can setup teams, maybe practice, get those last pvp items they need or if not a whole furious/relentless/wrath set to make it more fair for everyone. Would also promote the PvE because at this season you truly want those juicy PvE items to get the most of your class in arena.

Also want to quick note that this "tournament" would not be non blizzlike if thats on your mind. On retail since TBC there has been arena tournaments and still are.

//A person who still pray for the PvP community

Edzero @ Kirin Tor

1 Night Elf Priest
Properly managed tournaments would help the PvP community here so much. Please consider it staff. Also releasing the other arena locations at the same time.

Daniel @ Kirin Tor
No Characters
Would be a great idea. Arena is in dire shape and needs much encouragement. I think that any change would be an improvement since the situation you described is what we have at best. Most of the time people just don't que. Any change even if a minor one would be welcome

Mcgurgle @ Kirin Tor

1 Undead Priest
Edited by Mcgurgle on 2018-03-06 19:28:30
I played here for too long with hopes like this, hoping the staff would implement things to improve PvP. Truth is they do nothing, and worst of all there is absolutely no communication from them. One blue post every once in a while that answers none of the questions people have been asking. Ridiculous wait time for tickets, I had one open for 3 months and it just go deleted with no response.

There has been a bug for the longest time with LoS here, spells (friendly and unfriendly) will be used with no effect when someone is close to the edge of LoS e.g a pillar. The amount of times my mortal strike has been used and gone on CD with no effect, allowing someone to live. Even happened to my partners innervate on me, used and on CD with no effect. Still the staff do nothing.

Go play Sunwell WoW, trust. Progressive server that's on Naxx atm. Excellent scripting, regular changelogs, constant communication from the staff - tickets can be answered within 5 minutes and you can speak to the GMs on the server's discord, 5k+ population at peak times, constant BG pop, highly active arena scene, armory and arena ladder on website.

Go play a server where the staff actually care, don't waste time here.

Thumphinelph @ Kirin Tor

1 Dwarf Priest

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