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Naturaljob @ Kirin Tor

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Edited by Naturaljob on 2018-05-12 03:35:36
So, I've been playing since 2015 here and I believe this server is really good.
PvE side almost everything is overall well fixed and working as intended, but that's not what I'd like to talk about here.

What I'd like to discuss is the actual PvP scene in this server.
First of all, the maximum distance you can see players/buldings/veichles at: this was a supposed fix for the servers' stability implemented few years ago, but right now it's totally breaking Wintergrasp, as when mounted on a tower cannon you can barely see anyone to shoot at. Also it doens't help in big maps battlegrounds like Arathi Basin where you can't see properly who's in any other given base if you are defending/attacking a base. (also LoS problems in WG when walls are destroyed, but it's minor)

It's also a shame Strand of the Ancients is not in the random bg rotation despite being fixed few times recently, and AV/IoC not put in rotation during weekends, when you can often find 20+ people per side actively join PvP. This basically leaves us with 3 out of 6 bgs actually playable, and can get boring really fast unfortunately... Also specific bg queue is kinda of bugged, so that only if every single player queued for that specific bg the queue will pop, which basically makes the A Call to Arms dungeon useless...

Last but not least: I've noticed that right now the arena scene is pretty much dead.
Basically only 2v2 is playable and sometimes you have to wait hours to have a single game. if you get to play more than once, it's probably the same team over and over. Also 2 arenas are still not available since 2014...

The increased experience in BGs before lvl80 is definitely improving the PvP playerbase, along with the recent free transfers Wintergrasp is also well balanced in terms of people joining per side (not everytime, but still a good experience).

What do you think? My opinion is that right now the server has an insanely huge potential to become attractive and bring here some new players, and by reflection would improve the interest about PvE.

Athanas @ Kirin Tor
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Edited by Athanas on 2018-05-12 03:41:22
The best solution I can think of would be to join or create PvP guilds.

Sadly, with the buff to Ulduar's bosses, the raid situation is currently a pretty big obstacle for my own guild. You're pretty much forced to rely on outside help from geared DPS and Tanks in order to get past the raid, or have an absolutely flawless 10 man team. Not something you'll find in a PvP guild.

And you'll hit a wall in PvP sooner or later, not being able to get better weapons from raids.

Bit of a problem on the server. Most of the higher rated teams in arena are bored and overgeared PvE players, or people who have win traded to the top.

(Also, wholeheartedly agree that the devs should focus on fixing the arena maps and battlegrounds. Maybe get some more volunteers to do it, if PvP isn't the main focus of the server)

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