Dungeon enter/exit exploit

Closekirinto @ Kirin Tor
1 Undead Rogue
Players Miha-Grenmond-Humas-Alleyah-Sixpathsage are queing together to dungeon just to make the group so they can teleport in and out and then they are coming to orgrimmar and teleporting inside whenever they get to low hp. You shouldn't be able to enter a dungeon while in combat, same happens for battlegrounds too ppl can accept the invitation to BG even when they are in combat but that's not supposed to be like that.

Ivan @ Kirin Tor
No Characters
i agree,i would ad player boil..

Lmaolul @ Kirin Tor

1 Gnome Mage
Alliance players and exploiting, name a more iconic duo

Crocro @ Kirin Tor

6 Orc Warrior
I will ratther name an iconic trio:

Horde players exploiting, and getting away with it.

Furax @ Kirin Tor
6 Draenei Hunter
Well, in the first place people who hack in bgs should get banned :] but I guess it is OK for hordies when their players use Fly Hack and Speed Hack in PVP.

Peace and love

Ivan @ Kirin Tor
No Characters
again a player Grenmond used hack,this time in wg...

Hegha @ Kirin Tor
5 Orc Hunter
Edited by Hegha on 2018-05-20 14:58:16
What hack i used? I want to know. I had tenacity buff and i 1shot ppl, idk how that is hack but ok lol.Next time think before you post some bullshit

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