The end of PvP?

Remuerto @ Kirin Tor

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Hello everybody.
I have been wondering lately about the PvP scene in Dalaran-WoW. I came here long time ago with high expectations and always felt very happy about the scripting and the progressive system.

However, PvP is for me (and I guess also for many others) and important part of the game and I must admit I feel disappointed. First of all, because there were practically no BGs until lvl 80, and apart from that, there was always a huge unbalance of forces in Wintergrasp.

I received with hope the XP-boost on BGs and I am aware they are working so far, especially for the 70-79 bracket. However, BGs at lvl 80 are often not even full on both sides; needless to say, we basically only play the 3 smallest ones. WG is Horde territory and is really rare to find a day in which Alliance controls it. Despite the "Tenacity" system, which doesn't seem to work at all, it's a battleground in which numbers make a huge difference, and I believe everybody is aware of how it usually goes.

I've also been trying to do arenas, but most of the teams we face (as starter team with Furious-Relentless gear) are way out of our bracket, being mostly 6k full-wrathful with Heroic PvE off parts. Since there are so few teams, the game just create these absurd matches. There's also been weeks in which we couldn't even complete the 10 arenas, and I *wonder* how can there be teams with ranking even on 3c3.

I understand this is just the way things go and that some might say there is not much that can be done about it, but I was hoping for an improvement, a little move from the staff towards balance between factions, since that's what makes the game fun.
Instead of this, I see how slowly many Alliance players, probably frustrated by the way things go, have opted for the easy solution, which is Faction-Transfer.
It seems I mistakenly believed A->H transfers were temporary locked, so I wonder where is all this going to end.

I don't have any official numbers, but whenever I have checked, the faction ration is around 35/65 % for Horde. There is much more going on H side, PvE-wise is much more advanced and in general Horde is much better geared.

When I have discussed about this with some people, I often hear that I should just give up, or that I should go to another server and stuff like that. I don't want that, I want to keep on enjoying the game I love so much, but I really think the staff should make a move about this or –I'm afraid– PvP could end as we know it, which would be a pity.

I would love to hear polite and respectful opinions and critics from both sides.

Remuerto @ Kirin Tor

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I would like to comment on some points and suggest some possible solutions:

Pre-80 BGs:
- Problem: Twinks remove any possibility to enjoy a casual BG while leveling. Players who found exciting to join a BG from time to time to practice PvP, get some honor points and get blue gear or use an alternative form of leveling other than questing find themselves instantly killed without hardly a chance for reply.
- Possible solution: Create a specific BG for all players on the bracket with halted XP, allowing the casual PvPers to fight with each other from time to time, while at the same time supporting competitive, balanced Twinks BGs, which should be objectively much more fun. (unless, of course, the only goal of twinks is to be able to one-shot people and feel they are amazing players).

Lvl 80 BGs:
- Problem: Lack of players on one or the other side (mainly depending on EU/US timetable), unbalanced numbers (I've had WSG starting with 1vs5 or 4vs0)
- Possible solution: Work on a crossfaction system that allow to fill BGs much faster and at the same time give the chance to play BGs such as AV, IoC, SotA. This will benefit directly PvP players regardless of their faction and might also help people to see and understand different strategies and tactics. It could also be possitive in terms of relations between players.

- Problem: Lack of teams, people discouraged due to Wintrading, Carry teams, unbalanced matchmaking.
- Possible solution: Severely punish Wintrading and fixed matches, refine Matchmaking system and team pairing, allowing new teams with starting (lv 78, Brutal) or no PvP sets to practice and start receiving points at early stages.

I've played on servers in which no gear above level 271/277 was allowed in arenas (maximum level when the actual Season started) ; Also some that didn't allow PvE gear (althought this might be quite extreme) and it really balanced things. I undestand this is a very drastic action and will not be welcomed, but just to say it's "possible".

I would like to remark that Retail didn't have a WotLK cap and expansions kept on going further. It was therefore not so common that people would go in arenas or PvP during the season with hardcore PvE items such as Shadowmourne, Twilight Scales and similar items. This has been an issue in MANY servers I've played and am sure it will become a topic when RS comes out and more people get 277-284 items.
I believe it would be possitive to start taking account on these matters before is too late.

Thanks again for your time and attention, I look forward to constructive comments and critics.

Athanas @ Kirin Tor
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Biggest problems on the server for PvP:

- Win traders are not getting banned/punished. There are a lot of them on Horde. If you don't want to ban them, delete all of their gear. Do something. Anything.
- Ulduar is far too difficult for guilds or groups that are not entirely focused on raiding. If you don't have Ulduar, you're stuck with ilvl 200 weapons.
- The faction change cost is even for both sides. On a balanced server this would be fair. This is not a balanced server.
- There are still some broken arena locations and battlegrounds. Can't we get some more volunteers to work on these and give them some love?

The combination of all of these things results in some pretty harsh problems. Due to most of the Alliance being stuck on Ulduar and the Horde wintrading, we've got people in WG who can't even scratch somebody in full wrathful gear. Would you want to PvP if the odds were THAT stacked against you?

I don't mind that Ulduar is difficult. It was a huge challenge to overcome and unfortunately, it's all downhill from there. Trial of the Crusader is the biggest joke of a raid I have ever come across. Even Eye of Eternity felt more difficult.

But if you want to keep Ulduar at that same difficulty, then let's adjust the attunement system a bit. Change ToC5 so that it unlocks when you complete Naxx 25. A few people having ilvl 219 pieces won't break Ulduar, and it'll make the gearing process go a bit smoother. So that people can afford to focus on PvP. And the GMs need to publicly and loudly deal with the wintraders.

Remuerto @ Kirin Tor

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Interesting what you mention about Ulduar, I guess I have to agree with all your points.

To top this, today we had another of those situations that I really don't understand. Seems a WSG started with less Alliance players and by the time a few of us got in to complete the BG, Horde was winning by 2 flags.

What would they do? Instead of finishing the BG and starting a new one so we have fun fighting, they just keep the flag on one of their resto druids while all other players just stay for over 15 minutes camping graveyard. Like, really? Is that what PvP is for you? Do you have fun not fighting but waiting to get one more kill on your list?

i don't know if you are aware, but that's the kind of thing that destroys PvP. You keep doing that, at some point BGs will end for all of us, since nobody will want to join.

Zi @ Kirin Tor

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dala-wow is a twink server

Closekirinto @ Kirin Tor
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gl making suggestions on a srv with almost non existent staff

Fauch @ Kirin Tor
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Ed for GM.
Ed will fix PvP.
Sorry for the Off topic.

Ogog @ Kirin Tor

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Can we push for a merge of another server
To do bg like ask warmane or something like this
To just join for pvp bg an 2s 3s 5s
It wood b closer to gs an wood b an instan popQ
If this is a possibility lmk where I need to take it an I will spam all gn untull I get banded or thay tell me something becals this will work it will brang back the pvp that I have so enjoyed playing countless hours of Please
Help me bring back pVp
If you guys can email me an answer on how to get in tuch with some on in Dalaran Matt has control over making this happen please tell me who they are and how to find the
[email protected]

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