Justice for fair play in arena

Articy @ Kirin Tor

5 Human Paladin
Hello community of Dalaran WoW, i know that many have used the ability to wintrade their way to high ranks in Arena, but those who feel proud of it, using the gear to the fullest in front of everyone else should deserve a punishment, because it just isn't fair against the other players who are trying to make their way up fair in arena. Today's report is for Pepyaka who has 3.3 K Rating in 3's bracket with Negative win ratio, That is clearly Win trade from organized group of people that i yet don't know. Here are some pictures that might get you interested.
Weapon :
Team :
Bonus from the player itself :

Sixpathboi @ Kirin Tor

1 Night Elf Hunter
Edited by Sixpathboi on 2018-06-25 20:20:32
Yeah, it is beyond belief how blatantly obvious they are with it.
Im adding a screenshot of achievements (check the dates)

bonus from chat:

Another player that resides in that team is the hunter: Chimeraeh
When I confronted him about this theday before, (their team was still lower rating ...meaning they kept going) this is what he responded

Rating +chat:

Another player I haven't been able to inspect yet, but im told is also in that team is a rogue: Keton.

All in all on a private server where hardly any 3's-mathces are happening, I find it very hard to believe this rating was achieved through honest methods.
Not to mention those players are more or less PVE and are at max average players when it comes to PVP.
As further proof, both pepyaka and even chimeraeh as seen in the screenshots have around measley 1k HKs.

Lmaolul @ Kirin Tor

1 Gnome Mage
Pointless to even report, the devs dont give a fuck about PVP and even less about wintrading. Juggernaut, Negromancer and their other team are still unbanned from horde side

Remuerto @ Kirin Tor

1 Undead Rogue
Edited by Remuerto on 2018-07-12 01:18:27
I also sent tickets reporting exploits from some items and there is no answer or reaction yet. Yesterday I was receiving instant 28.2k damage from one paladin in Relentless set 5/5 (he didn't even need to use Hammer of Justice), while I had my pvp set (4 relentless, 1 wrathful) on and around 1200 resilience. Seal of Command was hitting x3 times. Probably somebody will come now saying "working as intended" :-P

I am sure most paladins know the bugged vanilla item that doesn't decrease its effect past 60; on the contrary, it keeps scaling up till 80. This has been reported before and still no solution for it.

Padord @ Kirin Tor
2 Human Paladin
Sure Dimitri ;D, so angry and psychotic because you got demolished by Hazim lol, you lost to a muslim what a noob ;D.

Padord @ Kirin Tor
2 Human Paladin
Storm gauntlets + Hand of Justice on a ret = op

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