Suggestions to slightly improve the PvP

Closekirinto @ Kirin Tor
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1. To start a BG it requires 6 on each side BUT if a BG starts and its eots/ab it will end in 5 mins if it stays 6v6 or 6v7, it needs 7v7 for the BG to not end, you should make it so it doesnt end unless theres less than 6 on a side. This is an issue at early times of the day when BG start and most of the time there isnt 1 more on each side to join to make it 7v7 or very often the bg doesnt even start with 6v6 inside cuz some ppl were afk from the long time waiting in queue.

2. Enable sota, many ppl prefer the other bgs more than this one but theres a way to make it happen less frequent than other bgs. You could add the BG back to the random queue like ab/eots but instead let sota pop only if a 10v10 BG finished and make its chance to pop lower than the other ones but still playable so we can have some diversity and be able to play something else than the same 3 BGs. Also sota can be very unbalanced if a round has few ppl on each side then the next round has double the numbers cuz ppl slowly join, so its better to have it pop when a 10v10+ BG finished to make sure theres gonna be enough ppl inside from the first round.

3. A similar thing can be done to AV, if a 14v14 or 15v15 BG finished make it so theres a chance for AV to pop and also lower this chance so we dont get 2-3 AVs in a row (or you could for example make it so AV pops only after 2-3 BGs with 14v14 + finished and only then allow an AV to start to not make it happen so often, same thing could be done for isle of conquest if this BG is even scripted or ever will be)

If AV/IoC pops after a 14v14+ BG finished (so most likely in the evenings only) then these BGs can actually be played since ppl will most likely join again and these 2 bgs are longer than the others so they have plenty of time to get to 15v15+ and even as 15v15 they are very playable and fun and its been 6 years on this srv with only 3/6 BGs being played regularly.
And hopefully the next year we can get the 2 missing arenas aswell.

Years ago on my previous server we had similar low pop to dala wow but we had these things implemented for the rbg queue and it actually made things better and allowed us to play all the BGs that wotlk had to offer without having 1 or 2 of the bgs poping a few times in a row or making ppl mad cuz big BGs such as AV/IOC pop at non peak time with 5v5 inside, these suggestions should allow BGs to pop at the right time and have decent amount of ppl to make them enjoyable.

Obro @ Kirin Tor

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+1 sensible post

Panofsky @ Kirin Tor
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I support the opening of Sota but I'm not so sure about those big 40vs40 bgs like AV and Isle. I don't think it's really funny to play them in a 15vs15 scenario.

Closekirinto @ Kirin Tor
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from experience i can tell they are playable with that amount of ppl and since the requirement for an AV/IoC to start would be for a 14v14+ bg to end that would make AV filling much easier, also that would happen only in the evening when theres enough ppl to even get a BG to 15v15 so there are high chances for those bgs to reach 20v20 in less than 10 mins after start and even if it happens to get low ppl sometimes reducing the chance for these 2 bg to happen wouldnt allow them to start so often, having av/ioc once in a while can be fun and it definitely wouldnt hurt seeing them pop + i bet theres ppl out there that would join them especially ioc for achiev hunting and many other ppl that havent had the chance to experience these BGs that much

Lothloryen @ Kirin Tor
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Hello there,

Thank you for the suggestions, very helpful. We will take them into consideration.

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