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Howdy yall, this is Naethan. Human pally on Algalon (no idea why I can only select my Kirin Tor horde character for the forums but whatever)

Earlier today in general chat, the idea was brought up to encourage Alliance PvP on the server. The problem is that alot of lvl 80s are either running raids, don't know how to pvp and/or don't want to deal with some elitist PvP players that shame them for not being fully decked out in the best PvP gear immediately. This has lead to many "Dala is dead lolz" comments and perhaps people leaving the server after they get bored with waiting for raids.

But what if we changed that?

Myself, Ellipsislock, Jedifrog, Gizzie, Shiftappinz and others talked about getting more like minded Alliance players to group together for BGs, Honor Farming, city raids etc. The focus was to have fun learning PvP and finding something to do besides waiting on raid groups all day. Focus could be on:

- Identifying people who would like to que for BGs
- Friendly duels to practice and teach pvp skills
- The hunting and destruction of bots
- Possible city raids on the opposite faction for an extra challenge.

It would give PVE players who were interested in trying it a cool way to get acclimated and not be ashamed of being noobs (laughs in keyboard turner). Not to mention it would give Horde players a more worthy opponent in Wintergrasp and other PvP related activities.

Anyways this intro has gone on long enough. What are your thoughts and suggestions? Post below!

Naethan - Ret/Holy Pally
Kraettos - Prot Warrior

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