CC Delay and instant spells

Misoo @ Kirin Tor

1 Undead Priest
I did a really long post but it seems like the forum didn't want me to post it, so let's have a short and critical one.

Is there any Spell Effect Delay here ? If yes (bug tracker says yes), what is it ? (0.000000001s ?)

Can instant spells be instant someday or is the serveur unable to provide real instants cause of the intern latency ? (not a criticism but a real question here) Or is that just a coding problem ?

Thx for you feedback guys and let's bring that as a priority now that classes are getting fixed slowly but surely.

Soz for the poor english but I'm sure you understood what was the purpose of this post ;)

Achílles @ Kirin Tor
of the Nightfall

80 Human Warrior
I'm sitting on 42 latency and all my spells are almost instant. The issue might be on your side, especially if you're from US/AUS/Oceanic countries.
Also, please check if you aren't downloading something in the background.

Misoo @ Kirin Tor

1 Undead Priest
Edited by Misoo on 2016-07-07 18:00:13
The problem is not my connection and I'm usually sitting on less than you are =)

What I mean by not instant is basically 0.1-.2s delay after the gcd in which your spell will not get cast, it doesn't makes a big difference in PVE (except a minor dps loss) but it makes a huge difference in pvp ;)

I didn't want to bring that on the table but I'm playing some pvp on Lordae...You know where I don't want to advertise here, and trust me you can feel the difference when it comes to instant spells (after GCD and CCs).

Thanks for this answer anyway =)

Dxxa @ Kirin Tor

5 Troll Rogue
Edited by Dxxa on 2016-08-01 02:50:07
Bravo / a misoo I understand very well what you mean, and it is totally true in PvP, DPS suffers this latency with instant spell, in addition to the visual bugs that is another serious problem.
ps: explain it better at that ally who responded to you.
it is an mele and does not understand anything

Sigthril @ Kirin Tor

74 Undead Mage
Just wanted to chime in and say that this problem has been here for a long time. I am also usually around ~40ms but always having this slight delay which is cause for a heap of gamebreaking stuff to happen (e.g having Deathcoil/other spells go through Deterrence/Cloak of Shadows (more then 1 in 10 I assure you), spells hitting you while Spell Reflection is up (before the spell has completed casting even), switching to 1H+Shield to Shield Bash is the slowest shit ever etc, etc, you get the point. In my experience this delay is amplified even more on peak hours.

I haven't got the faintest if this is even being worked on, but I doubt it. In the course of this servers uptime I have seen a bunch of players (mainly PvPers) quit the server because of this delay. But then again, one might wonder, when was Dalaran-WoW ever a place for serious PvP...

//End of salt

Requ @ Kirin Tor

1 Gnome Warrior
lol place of serious pvp lel. i usually just go for a fap between a weapon switch and shield bash/reflect

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