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Dyan @ Kirin Tor
Edited by Dyan on 2018-06-21 15:11:34
The Classic Crusaders is a Horde guild that is getting back together once again for 60 only raids! We decided to make this project so when we are waiting for the resets on our 80's we'll still have something fun and intense to do. We are currently starting back in MC and will be moving to BWL soon. To keep this guild challenging and fun we do place some restrictions for those that actually want to progress and grow close to their character rather than faceroll everything with 80's and T3 twinks.

Here are our rules

No gear/enchants/consumables from BC+ allowed
You may only use RAID gear earned while in our guild
No being boosted through raids by players 60+

If anyone is interested in doing some classic raids and eventually moving onto BC raids, send a message ingame to Utterbrother, Vorx, Drdolph, or Charlii.

Deadpools @ Kirin Tor
6 Undead Rogue
Hi im starting at Kirin Tor, invite people !

Theodric @ Kirin Tor

4 Human Paladin
I am fairly certain they're not on Kirin Tor, but on Algalon, the realm that has players in it.

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