The burning Crusaders twinking guild

Exilum @ Kirin Tor

5 Human Paladin

"The Burning Crusaders" is the name of a twinking guild that was focusing on the 70 twinking bracket. We did ZA and Karazhan Weekly, punched Gruul in the face a few times and did 4/5 in Hyjal Summit. We had a few dedicated people and because of that we had a great time. Sadly, most of them have been busy with school for a few months and the guild has been laying low. We decided to step it up now, and also changing the "70 twink guild" into ALL twinking lvls, hoping that it would make the twinking community larger and bringing all the likeminded folk together.

We're looking for anyone who loves twinking, it doesn't matter at what bracket. Perhaps in the future, if we get enough people together, we can do all kind of twinking, full of events and fun!

Currently the ones who are active are:

Azygga, the guildmaster (also usually online with alts)
- Or any other member that might be online.

Feel free to contact us!


Amiesh @ Kirin Tor
1 Human Warrior
Hi, great initiative! I was wondering though why twink at 70 if the pvp bracket is 70-79? or are you more pve oriented?

Exilum @ Kirin Tor

5 Human Paladin
Hey, sorry for the late reply!

Yeah, we were focusing on PVE. It is in my interest, as well as most of the other twinks to get PVP rolling. I've spoken to a veteran that said he was going to start up a guild on the alliance side too. Hopefully, if enough activity, we can start PVP as well!

We just need more people, and we need people who wants to make a difference, who are willing to make things happen! Since we are a small community, and the server population isn't enormous either, we need dedicated people who can run events, look for people, make the comminity grow!

I believe that we can have a great time, doing what we love to do, get it rolling!

Dreamingdust @ Kirin Tor
4 Undead Mage
Hello Dear readers,

since the last week there is one more Twink Guild - "Hellfire", playing on the Alliance side and recruiting people for PvP in the 60-69 bracket. If you are interested in that bracket you can contact Amiesh on the Alliance, or the above mentioned people from "The Burning Crusaders" on the Horde.

Best regards and happy twinking!

Valrock @ Kirin Tor
1 Blood Elf Paladin

Are you Horde or Alliance? Also, you say you're mainly PvE? Do you guys PvP at all at 70? What are the PvP brackets at 70? Is it still 61-70 for Av?



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