Modified addons for WoW 3.3.5 - By Cheno and others

Cheno @ Kirin Tor

1 Tauren Druid
This is a collection of a few addons and programs that I've modified for the guild Rampage over the years. Some of them include changes from several people, others only from myself, I will give credits where it's due.

DBM - By Cheno, Xeralol (Eax) and Ntt.
Ton of changes, I won't be listing all changes here but they can be found here:

The changes include range fixes in ICC, mechanic countdowns, Saurfang timer fixes for Horde, new mechanics timers implemented for Halion. You can read all of the changes in the link above.
Credit to Xeralol (Rampage, Just Average and Just Wipe It) for making the countdowns for all ICC bosses.
Credit to Ntt (Obsidius) for making the spirit callout on Lady Deathwhisper HC.

Rawr - By Cheno, with added help from Sheba and Valorian/Valomir.
Glancing blows cap changed from 24% to 25%
Dual wielding miss change changed from 27% to 24.2%
Fixed Death Knights not benefiting from expertise gained from talents.
No crit cap mechanic implemented for Enhancement shamans.
Expertise fix added as buff (41 rating - 5 expertise).
Orc shaman int fix added as buff (11 Int).
3% spell hit added as buff (Stackable hit buffs).
Mage T9 2P Molten Armor bonus added as buff (Credit: Sheba)
Crit suppression removed.

Fixed BuffCache being spammed with redundant data.

Grid1 - By Cheno and others.
This is a bundle of modified Grid1 plug-ins and Grid1 itself, that fixes manabars (they gave LUA errors before) and with extra functionality to move spell icons. I don't know who fixed the manabars, but there's a thread somewhere on Dal-wow, where somebody linked a working Manabars plug-in, on some German site.
Since the now working manabars clipped with the spell icons from one of the other plug-ins, I made it possible to move these icons in any direction.

All 3 bundles can be found here:

I won't be adding new features to any of these.
If there's a mistake in something I made or if something gets fixed on the server, then I will modify the addon accordingly. Please post here if that's the case. DBM will "work" on any 3.3.5 core but it's obviously tuned to Dalaran-Wow errors.

Multiboxing @ Kirin Tor

1 Gnome Rogue
Thanks a lot for sharing Cheno.
I'll check it out later ☺️

See Ya

Tarpor @ Kirin Tor

10 Blood Elf Paladin
Imagine putting some hacking dumbfuck like Xera into your list and expecting people to trust it.

Hi btw Cheno are you still mad at everything

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