Suggestions and ideas: Last part of the Trilogy.

Lothloryen @ Kirin Tor
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Edited by Lothloryen on 2014-12-15 15:40:57
Hello there community,

As you already probably know, we made two videos before our Official release which are part of our: Dalaran-WoW Trilogy. Is a Call to arms for all those The Wrath of The Lich king lovers. We have potential and we are going to be the best server full focused and this expansion, constantly improving what we have and we want this players with us, we need them.

The two videos I'm talking about are:

-Dalaran-WoW Trilogy | The Home of the Hardcore PvE Players (1/3)
-Dalaran-WoW Trilogy | The Home of the Hardcore PvP Players (2/3)

So the third video was designed for people who live each day in Azeroth enjoying everything in general, not just PvE or PvP, but also like collecting materials, making all kinds of quests , doing Roleplay, getting all the posible achievements...etc.

Therefore, since the beginning, we thought making a video which draws the attention of this kind of players, as the third and final part of Dalaran-WoW Trilogy.

I personally love the Roleplay (hence I use to adopt a Elune's Priest and servant Rol), and I think we all could make a video participating together ingame, with funny/epic scenes which would tell several parallel stories, thus covering aspects of the game that I mentioned earlier (Questing, Farming, Roleplaying, getting achievements, looking for groups...). One video full of epicism and fun.

I would like to hear your ideas, and bit by bit define something solid so we can start crafting this idea soon.

We will spend good time doing it and who knows, maybe get more comrades thanks to this video.

Elune-Adore, ishnu-dal-dieb.

Headscutter @ Kirin Tor
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well, idk if this is the right section, but it would be nice to make a compilation of the last 5% of each great boss like (Anub 10hc, Anub 25n/hc, LK 10) when some guild starts to farm everything, so we can send u some videos and u make a good compilation on the last 5% of each one, and on the end of every boss every1 screaming "hell yeah, we did it" u know, like on some that we've seen out there.

Sacredheal @ Kirin Tor
the Kingslayer

80 Blood Elf Paladin
I think that's a very good idea but not on this realm. I mean really, you can do Anub with ICC gear, not to mention the REALLY GREAT bosses, such as hard mode Yogg or Algalon. Naxx totally stays out of it.

On the progressive realm, however, such a video would really be a success.

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