Kyndranarala @ Kirin Tor

Draenei Shaman
Where exactly are we supposed to report people for things like harassment? There doesn't seem to be a designated forum

Ask @ Kirin Tor
Orc Warrior

Yesterday this person named Guyu was being outright xenophobic, racist and offensive about "foreigners". It's fine when there's banter but the amount of crap he/she was saying especially on global was toxic.

Deathstep @ Kirin Tor
Dwarf Paladin
get over yourselves, ignore it or pretend you're not a massive faggot and shit talk him back.

Algalonwait @ Kirin Tor
Tauren Warrior
I agree with Deathstep.

Malkavia @ Algalon
Staff Member
Hello there,

If you think the other person's behaviour should be warned or stopped, you can always make an in-game ticket adding some screenshots links attached, and we will deal with it.


Kyndranarala @ Kirin Tor

Draenei Shaman
Is this some kind of joke? How do you attach a screenshot to an ingame ticket? How about we get a simple report section going where we can efficiently post screenshots of this behavior? Not that we should even have to, If one GM were to monitor global chat for probably less than 12 hours half of this community would be muted/banned already.

Intrinsic @ Kirin Tor
80 Blood Elf Paladin
Edited on 2017-11-16 04:19:55
I dont mean to hijack your post but we over at Kirin Tor have had a problem with various forms of harassment and discriminatory statements made by certain players
character names:
Kysnigger, Ranmbuu, Sjwfaminist, niggslut
and a majority of offenders seems to reside in the guild "algalon refugees" though that is largely speculation BB code screeenshots links, will make an ingame ticket too, this happens anytime these toxic ppl cant seem to log onto algalon they come to us KT peeps and spew filth
those look blurry
are the links to where i uploaded the original screens

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