Unable to play with any of my old characters

Grimside @ Kirin Tor
Undead Warlock
Greetings! I just came back after a few years of not playing here, had no problem logging in, but as soon as I try to enter any of my old characters: Flypside, Frostside, Lightside, Deathside or Grimside, the game crashes instantly during the loading screen. I'm guessing they were blocked due to inactivity. Is there anyone I can contact about this, and hopefully get my characters back?

Tuamadre @ Kirin Tor

Undead Rogue
Crashes??????? With chich error??? Just say it.
Because if If it crashes it probably regards your client.
Gms have no reason to touch a single char in your account without banning/deleting the whole account.

Download the game once again and delete your old one.

(It can be that your chars spawn all in the same place in for which your game have corrupted files )

Grimside @ Kirin Tor
Undead Warlock
Edited on 2018-02-09 15:33:48
It should be unrelated to the client since I downloaded just about 2 days ago, and I can also make new characters, and for some reason I can access a level 4 character that has been hanging on there for about 2-3 years, but still can't any of my 80s.

ERROR #134(0x85100086) Fatal Condition

Plainfeather @ Kirin Tor

We've summoned all your characters out of Orgrimmar since it seems this area is giving you problems. But you should either check/repair your client from possible currupt files or download a new one.


Grimside @ Kirin Tor
Undead Warlock
Edited on 2018-02-09 16:19:14
I can access all of them, seems like everything is okay now. Thank you a lot
Edit:It crashed again on a dungeon loading screen. Will try downloading a new client

Nivelol @ Kirin Tor
Tauren Hunter
this happened to me, downloaded a fresh client and twas all good man

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