You guys need more GMs?...

Leonflowen @ Kirin Tor
Blood Elf Priest
Edited on 2018-05-20 09:33:57
The topic explains the purpose.
I've been reaching out to you guys in-game for several days now, yet, of course, no response.

These were taken days after I had requested GM assistance, myself.

I sincerely mean no disrespect by this post.
It's just that I've personally noticed a lack of moderator response during the early hours of the Eastern United States Time Zone. Beyond that, even, as I've personally witnessed no response within multiple days.

I am not seeking the power to create items. One major thing I've noticed is the constant request to purchase gold, through both personal communications, as well as in-game mail.

Aside from the "gold spam", however, I've noticed that many people await in-game help for legitimate means. See the above pictures for example.

I've had much experience with Trinity-Core commands, and have no problem adhering to the rules and regulations laid forth by this specific community. I only wish I could have contacted you guys via direct private message.

If it's not possible to communicate with me via direct messaging means or email, as I've found it difficult to do from my end, then please, feel free to reach out to me in-game. All responses are greatly appreciated. I can't be attentive 24/7, though, again, I do anticipate being here during the early hours of the EST time zone quite often.

I've been playing this game for quite some time now, and after witnessing what this community could be, I feel it's time to step up to the plate as a servant to those willing to be a long-lasting part of this community.

Thanks for reading!

Algalonisoff @ Kirin Tor

Gnome Warlock
Definitely need more GMs.

Matuse @ Kirin Tor
Draenei Hunter
If a GM thinks you should know an answer your ticket may be ignore instead of it getting a quick reply like sorry can't help.

We definitely need support that has time to give us time.

I also find it annoying that as soon as I sit down with a coffee, log in and see what's up, before I can take a sip of my drink some pest is whispering me for money.

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