Death Knight stuck as Ghost

Duc @ Kirin Tor
80 Gnome Death Knight
I am stuck in the upstairs of the Death Knight floating citadel as a ghost - can't get to a spirit healer. I am on Kirin Tor realm. Can you reset my char?

Galgnu @ Kirin Tor
Orc Shaman
Check this thread:

And why play on the solo realm?

Duc @ Kirin Tor
80 Gnome Death Knight
Edited on 2018-06-07 08:42:41
Because the people here are really nice :)

And yeah - i tried that and no luck - am still a ghost in Ebon Hold - ty for the suggestion :)

Duc @ Kirin Tor
80 Gnome Death Knight
I got reset - Thank you soooooo much to the kindly person who did that - big hugs

Cajunadin @ Kirin Tor

80 Human Paladin
Solo realm? On Horde side we are clearing ICC up to Sind and we would be working Heroic if we could get past Sind. The Ice Tombs are bugged and can't damage so the fight is not do able.

Edzero @ Kirin Tor

Night Elf Priest
Tfw 2 IDs per week of ICC isn't dead

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