Worth playing on Kirin Tor?

Seraphena @ Kirin Tor
Night Elf Hunter
Hello everyone.

Short introduction: I am new to private servers (this is my first). Have been playing retail wow since Cata.
My main reason for playing private server, is to see the old world, pre-Cata revamp.
However, back in Cata I also really enjoyed the Northrend content a lot, so I chose this server.

I despise world pvp (but enjoy the occasional battleground), so I started on Kirin Tor, but also having checked out the main realm. Iit is clear there is a huge difference in the activity levels.

My question is, as per topic. Is it worth playing on the Kirin Tor realm? I would certainly prefer a PvE over a PvP realm, but I am also interested in knowing if it is ever possible to pop a dungeon or bg queue, or sell anything on the auction house. I do not need to raid.

Anyone experienced with the realm that can help answer?

Matuse @ Kirin Tor
Draenei Hunter
I only play Algalon unless the server is down for any length of time.

However after a quick search on Kirin Tor I found there was in total 16 players logged in, (6 Alliance and 10 Horde).

This is around peak time so unless you join a guild that plays the times you do you may find Kirin Tor pretty empty.

Galgnu @ Kirin Tor
Orc Shaman
To put is short. Be playing on Kirin Tor you get:
- More bugs
- No dungeons
- No bgs
- No raids
- No AH trading
- No world PvP
- No interaction with other people

By playing on Alagon you get:
- Less bugs
- Dugeons on all lvls (higher lvl more pops)
- Plenty of bgs all lvls (higher lvl more pops)
- Raids every evening and few during the day
- Full active AH
- Full interaction with other people

Paulius @ Kirin Tor
No Characters
kirin is dead, dont play there, algalon have 2k+ in peak time

Seraphena @ Kirin Tor
Night Elf Hunter
After reading these answers, I decided on Alganon.

I logged in, went out to level, got ganked, and then changed my mind.

Kirin Tor it is. Thanks for your answers guys

Galgnu @ Kirin Tor
Orc Shaman
You cant get ganked in starting zones unless you attack.... and remember its Midsummer so there are a lot of allies/hordes where they arent supposed to be ;-)

Edzero @ Kirin Tor

Night Elf Priest
Yeah you can't get ganked at starter zones unless you flag yourself PvP.

Congrats on the terrible decision

Cheno @ Kirin Tor

Tauren Druid
The choice is yours but we really cannot state enough how shortsighted a decision it is.

Cajunadin @ Kirin Tor

80 Human Paladin
We do dungeons
We clear raids up to bugged bosses
No need for a AH when we have a helpful community.
Had plenty of interaction with other people

Kirin Tor seems dead because its broken, if fixed it would be a realm full of life.

I have seeked out another server because of this. I will not play on Algalon.

Cheno @ Kirin Tor

Tauren Druid
Kirin Tor is dead and broken because it was the realm before Algalon came around. Why someone would keep that alive is beyond me but your loss.

Seraphena @ Kirin Tor
Night Elf Hunter
Why would I flag myself for pvp when I hate it?

I did actually start a character on Alganon that is above level 20, and logged on to that one.

I appreciate all the answers. and I am still doubting if I am making the right decision. I just know how much being a pvp realm is going to bother me with time.

Theodric @ Kirin Tor

Human Priest
it's a pvp realm but most people are there for pve anyway. theres a handful of retarded gankers but you can ask for help in global channel and someone will usually show up to take care of them

Musicbox @ Kirin Tor
Blood Elf Priest
I don't understand why anyone would play on a test realm at all.

Dalaran staff should honestly just shut it down.

Galgnu @ Kirin Tor
Orc Shaman
Choice is all yours.
Question is just if you prefer to be ganked 3. times before lvl 80 (thats how many times I was ganked durring my lvl - and I play mostly peaktimes) or a lot of broken stuff and singel player mode.
Im no PvP player but choice was eady for me ;-)

Deathstep @ Kirin Tor
Dwarf Paladin
Worth playing on Kirin Tor?


Boujii @ Kirin Tor

Human Paladin
When I was testing something the other with a fresh copy of WoW, I believe the default put me into Korin Tor instead of Algalon. The default realm really should be Algalon. I feel bad for anyone putting any time into there just to realize it's the wrong realm. But again anyone with any experience usually the first thing they do when joining a server is do a /who to see how many players are on (at least in their faction).

The downside to this really is when they see it's dead, they just bail and look for another server. I doubt they really click the realm to see there is another. Just speculation though.

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