Unplayable lag in 25 man raids only

Purepwn @ Kirin Tor
Tauren Druid
Hello, I'm hoping someone else has had this problem and found a solution, but for the past few months I have had unplayable input lag in nearly every 25 man raid i've attempted and 0 lag in 10 man raids. Sometimes it is manageable but most of the time it gets more and more delayed as the fight progresses and usually takes up to 5+ minutes after the boss actually dies for me to see it and obviously I am completely useless during this.

I have no internet problems at all in any other streaming or game or any fps problems so I know it can't be my internet's fault.

I have tried many different solutions and many VPNs to see if they work and the only one that actually fixed the problem was WTFast which was great until my free trial ran out and I can't afford their ridiculous monthly fee.

This is getting extremely frustrating as our guild is going to start ICC 25 soon and I would like to actually be able to participate. This clearly isn't a very widespread problem but I'm hoping someone can at least identify my problem and give me some network settings to change or SOMETHING.

P.S. I know I am not alone in this problem because I saw a forum post from a few years ago where the only solution posted was to try WTFast but I'm hoping there is a free alternative

Vatroslav @ Kirin Tor
80 Blood Elf Warlock
The only, and probably dumb and obvious thing, that comes to mind is plugging in a cable instead of using wi-fi, that solved some disconnect issues I had a while back (sorry if I was captain obvious or some crap like that). Running on a connection of 100mb/s myself and have no lag issues (stuttering/low fps is another thing, but thats just my pc being old). Are you by any chance west coast NA? I have heard some people from there complaining about lag (on multiple servers) when the server is based in Europe. Also what is your usual latency and fps while you are in, lets say, dalaran for example?

Purepwn @ Kirin Tor
Tauren Druid
I am on wi-fi but that has never been a problem for anything else. I would hardwire it if I could but my room with my PC doesn't have anywhere to hook up the modem and we would have to go through like 3 walls. I am on west coast NA though and i figured that was definitely part of the problem but I just can't understand why I have like 100-200 ping in 10 man raids but have completely unplayable lag on 25 man. And I got attuned all through ICC 25 so this is a fairly recent thing, not sure what changed.

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