Carbonite Loading Issues

Hikhan @ Kirin Tor
1 Orc Warrior
I've been playing for a while but recently after i login into the world it takes a while for all the stuff to load. I've tried checking for the cause of this problem and it seems carbonite is causing this.

I've already tried resetting the settings of carbonite to default but didn't help I also cleared the cached but was also unsuccessful.

I also deleted every other addon and had just only carbonite in the addons folder to see if any other is conflicting with carbonite. But that also didn't resolved the issue.

I had some mods for the installed. So i removed them but that didn't Fix anything.

Finally I deleted the carbonite addon itself and it resolved the issue. Then I moved every single addon I was using to addons folder except for carbonite and the mods I was using to the data folder & the game loaded fine.

Then i moved carbonite back to the addons folder and the problem came back I don't know why is this happening. I was carbonite before and it didn't cause any issues but now all of a sudden it is just making trouble.
Can anyone tell me what is going on.
Please Help.

Also by loading I mean not when the loading screen appears but after I select my character and enter the world after the loading is done and the world appears now here supposedly my character and the rest of the world should load instantly and this was the case before. But it takes a while & carbonite seems to be the cause of this issue.
Also as I mentioned this wasn't a problem before.

Jazmine @ Kirin Tor
13 Human Warrior

There is nothing wrong with anything. After entering the world, the map & other debris loads first along with you character, after which all the NPCs & other online characters start to load. This majorly depends on your internet speed, available RAM & processing speed (in the same order as I mentioned). The addons add to this load on RAM & sometimes network (depending upon the addon used).
I run several addons along with carbonite on my system and everything works fine. No matter how many UI changing addons I add. Only thing I make sure is to disable options/addons that cause unneeded memory consumption.

However, my home PC (10 yrs old) does behave the way you mentioned for your system.
1. Poor internet connection
2. It is very old model with weak processing power
3. Less available RAM
As a result, it is slow to load game elements (majorly internet issue) & then slow while loading Carbonite etc addon elements (RAM + processing issue)

I would suggest to enable minimal options in carbonite (as required by you) and get a better internet connection.


Feytor @ Kirin Tor

62 Human Warlock
Hi Hikhan, Try downloading the 3.3.5 version of Carbonite. It works fine for me, even though every time I log in it tells me the version is old and a new one is available. :-)

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