Are people very aggressive?

Tareni @ Kirin Tor
Night Elf Druid
I've been playing a bit on Kirin Tor but have noticed that it's completely dead. I want to swap over to Algalon but am a bit weary because it's a PVP server. I don't know entirely how they work but am concerned about just getting bodied over and over again. In PVP servers are people just able to attack anyone anywhere or are there certain guidelines?

Goregasmll @ Kirin Tor

Blood Elf Paladin
You can swap to Algalon without a problem. It's the only populated realm of the server.
What you say is true, it's a PVP server, but people rarely do PvP, and world PvP is practically absent.
At this time of the expansion people are more focused on raiding ICC and RS.

Polkysan @ Kirin Tor

Human Warlock
Some of the opposing faction will attack you, but in my experience it has not been very often i have turned in and done quests as alliance with horde around and had no drama's. Most people leveling are not to bothered with world pvp, if you don't attack they wont bother you. Few twinks around but its normally rouges trolling the faction capitals. This is all in my experience of course

Tareni @ Kirin Tor
Night Elf Druid
Ok, thanks for he help.

Ripvanwinkle @ Kirin Tor

Draenei Hunter
Pvp is super dead on Algalon. Only bgs that pop are ghostques and some twink bgs. You might come accros some frustrated people who want to kill low lvls for some weird reason that is only known to them. Welcome and good luck.

Feytor @ Kirin Tor

Human Warlock
I have only been ganked once since playing on this server- lvl 39 vs me @ lvl 27...pretty fair eh?

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