Why are Mage NPCs so Overtuned?

Sherko @ Kirin Tor
Human Priest
I have been playing on this server for a while and I have noticed that mages are overtuned to high hell. For my most recent example on my current character, I was fighting 3 Kobolds, 1 level 6 and the other 2 8, so I am 2-4 levels above them and I die because the fireball that the caster (that is 2 levels below me) is out-damaging my heals that I am completely up to date on and practically spam. Why are the mages so overtuned? I don't know why this server has the issue of it specifically but the mages are nuking me when I have the level advantage and the ability to heal.

Amelyssan @ Kirin Tor

Human Warrior
I mean, classic content in Wrath era is already laughably easy. If anything, caster mobs should also be able to mind control you and commit sudoku with yourself.

If you want to deal with caster enemies, try to line of sight them to prevent their casts, get some breathing room or (If they're scripted for hand to hand combat) lure them to you. Don't just use brute force.

Terranigma @ Algalon
Tauren Shaman
ey, i think you are playing on kirintor realm, come to algalon, is where the players and updates are, also there is an xp command and you can set exp x4 or blizzlike if you like.

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