LK Trolls

Itworks @ Kirin Tor

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I was watching a stream of Heroic LK attempts today and saw a group of people moving in to disrupt the raid. They ran into the same ID and effectively forced the raid to end by pulling the LK over and over while filling the instance with characters not actually in the raid group.

It's a sad excuse of a server if there's no mods around to deal with crap like this.

Excalinoobs @ Kirin Tor

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Wait so let me get this straight. A raid group filled with more elite people and the people that didn’t get back in the raid used the ID they already had to get back in the instance? Seems to be the game design of 3.3.5 as blizzard intended. On the other hand I don’t think blizzard had 90% of the population as bots grinding and dumping gold and mats into a guild such as Excalibur where the guild leader boasts about his vendored item gold and buys all the raid BOEs with vendor bot gold from the actual raiding guild. Horde side doesn’t have as much issues.

Drtotems @ Kirin Tor

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You can ask for an exclusive raid lockout extension in a ticket. “Progression” guilds on dalawow have done so in past times. You should keep your same raid group weekly or your ID can be leaked. I’ve seen raid IDs sold for gold in 25m years ago. That guild Excalibur is a revolving door so it’s likely to be messy with raiding. The most common thing with raid IDs is ulduar and algalon kills. Anyhow best of luck with future raids.

Hereyouhave @ Kirin Tor

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It seems those that were once carried and handed their gear are now filled with jealous rage towards those that once held their hand. Pavlov's theory has conditioned a hateful disdain for those that have actually progressed content on the server by players that just don't make the "core" raid team. Many players on dalawow over react to things and have gone as far as deleting characters and asking for GMs to dig up accounts from backup files. Save the time of gms for actual issues and not triggered feelings. Those of us that donate do so to keep maintenance up and game improvements rolling. Looking forward to the Statue pedestal in the shop soon.

Backpedals @ Kirin Tor

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"It's a sad excuse of a server if there's no mods around to deal with crap like this"

What are you saying here? Do you know what falls within the terms of service and have any clue about how tickets are handled? People play this game many hours and come to forums to complain. I bet its the same people that show up to raid with improper gems, no pally power and mouthbreath at a dps meter while ignoring mechanics.

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