Refer multiple friends

Alexandre @ 0

I'm wondering how the refer a friend feature works when refering multiple people.

Assuming I refered all of them myself
1. Do they get the x3 xp when they're together if I'm not there?
2. Can they use the summon feature on each others?

If no to the above answers what's the best way to get all the benefits for my group of friends?

Plainfeather @ Kirin Tor

Answering your questions:

No, they won't get extra experience or the summon if "the recruiter" is not there.

The best way for a group to get extra experience together should be if each of them recruits one of them, so player 1 recruits player 2, p2 recruits p3, p3 recruits p4, and so on.

This way they will always get an extra experience even if one is not online.

Hope that helps!

Alexandre @ Kirin Tor
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Edited on 2023-01-25 00:40:04
That's not true, if player 3 is offline, then player 4 gets no bonus xp while player 1 and 2 gets the bonus xp, that's very problematic...

Is there a way to manually disable the xp boost if we notice someone can't come online with the group?

Plainfeather @ Kirin Tor
Hello again,

Depends on the number of players in the group, keep in mind it works for the recruited and the recruiter so if each of them is at least one of those, is most likely to have a link.

Take for example player 2, if player 1 is not online, player 2 is still linked to player 3, therefore it takes advantage.

The system implemented to avoid that extra leveling disadvantage if one of them is not online is the grant a level feature. It will be possible from 1 to 60 and always the receiver has to be lower level. A total of 30 grantable levels, and only from the recruited to the recruiter. The recruited can grant 1 level for every 2 levels they obtain. So, all of them gain 4 levels and you were not online, your recruited friend can grant you 2 of those levels, so you get a bit more even.

Recruit a Friend is a system made to play together, so it will be more complicated to do with one missing, with this possibility, you can tinker a bit. The ones that might be without a link will be the first and the last ones linked, will be nice if they are paired with one that will be most likely on.


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