Character Not Appearing in the list for Realm Transfer

Zoraruto @ Algalon
80 Troll Shaman
Hello there !

First, thanks for everything that has been done here in Dalaran-Wow since it's creation. Long life to you guys, Wotlk Best Server.

Strangely, my 80 warrior Norfgonad (who got lvl 80 the 17 august 2022) did not got invited for Dalaran - Era 1 server. Maybe he was not quick enough to reach 80 ahah. I also tried to ask for a transfer from the link in this Malkavia Post :

Character transfer from Algalon to Dalaran.
by Malkavia// 2022-11-29 17:20:00

When I open the box to Select a Character , only 1 low lvl toon that i have appear there, but no sign of the warrior.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Kptn @ Algalon

Undead Rogue
Got the exact same issues ! I'm 80 since the 7/27/16

Plainfeather @ Kirin Tor

@Zoraruto: Thanks for the nice words! About the transfer, no worries, if your character did level between the realm launch and the 26th of November it will be eligible for the transfer. There was a huge load of transfers and the queue was a bit slow, maybe that was the issue in your case.

@Kptn: If your character was 80 before we opened Era I (19th of August 2022), then that character should be already transferred since the very beginning, with the restrictions applied and unlocked (you will need to do the quest "Welcome to Dalaran" from Archmage Era and receive the starter green set from the mailbox).

If your character is not listed, write an ingame ticket with the character name, and we will take a further look, if, for some reason, you deleted it there is nothing we can do, though.

Nonetheless, if you still have issues or doubts feel free to reply or write a ticket so a GM can assist you better.


Kptn @ Algalon

Undead Rogue
I actually look like 5 times ! And, NOOOOOOOOO ! He's not avaible for the transfer ! I already do an email, Discord PM, Message on channel and forum. Did i need to NOW do a INGAME TICKET, who will be open in 10 days ? I think i actually do my best now. Charachter name : Safty

Plainfeather @ Kirin Tor
@Kptn: I meant that if that character was already 80 when the realm opened, you do not need to do anything at all, since all the 80s were transferred and the players had to do nothing since they appeared in the character list in the new realm but unable to enter, until they were unlocked. A few rare cases had issues, but they were sorted out swiftly.

The transfer application from the website is for low-level characters or characters that are leveled after, so yours should not appear there.

Would you mind hopping ingame in Era I and writing a ticket so a GM can verify a few things with you? Will be faster that way.

Kptn @ Algalon

Undead Rogue
Mmmh ok. I will do one right now

Crapbag @ Kirin Tor
Human Warrior
Plainfeather, I see you've mentioned that there was a big backlog of transfers. I looked today to check on some that I've put in tickets/emails about to see if it's been sorted but on looking at the transfer page, it shows no characters available.

Is it currently turned off to clear the backlog and if so will it be turned back on?


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