Character transfer from Algaion

Rickyspanish @ Algalon
Troll Rogue
I'm looking for help transferring my characters from Algaion. My warlock has recently reached level 80, and my paladin will hit 80 soon. I read somewhere that if you have a character that reaches 80 after the first snapshot, you have to ask for assistance to transfer a character. So, can someone please assist me with transferring my warlock, and also my paladin if characters can be transferred before reaching max level? If this is not the right place to seek help for character transfers, please let me know where/who I should ask.

Valgathar @ Algalon
Staff Member

That character won't be eligible for transfer this Era, the last snapshot possible to transfer from Algalon to Dalaran Era is from the 28th of November 2022.

Nonetheless, the transfers are disabled at the moment, we will announce when they are back no worries, and you will be able to transfer everything that existed before that date with the restrictions applied for Dalaran Era realm.

This can resume the key points of transfers:

This brings us to the topic of transfers, which are presently disabled (we will announce when they are enabled again). However, we would like to remind you of a few points:

- Characters that were level 80 in Algalon before the release of Era I realm have already been transferred and are ready to join that realm.
- All characters not initially transferred but existing before the 28th of November will be eligible for transfer as they were on that date when we re-enable transfers.
- Any progress made after that date will not be reflected after the character is transferred to the new realm (new items, new achievements, completed quests, items sent from another character that will not transfer due to low level, etc.).
- A new snapshot (i.e., your progress saved from that date) will be possible when a new Era comes, not before.


Kropple @ Algalon
Draenei Paladin
Wait how would I transfer a character?

Moolie @ Kirin Tor
Tauren Hunter
my death knight achieved lvl 80 on 3/20/2016 namrd brainiac why isnt he on my vault list please respond

Shamaniki @ Algalon
Draenei Shaman
Hi all,

I know that this topic has been discussed, but is there any news when the character transfer from Algaron will be available? I have a few characters in their 70's and it would be a pity to start all over again with professions and leveling.

Cezare @ Algalon
80 Draenei Warrior
Is there any talks about opening character transfer from slalom to era1 these days?

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