Huge input lag during raids.

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After testing these last days on different games, servers and computers, I have this issue that only happens *here*

The issue:

As long nobody touches a raid boss, I'm fine, walking around with 180ms and a very responsive game.

The momment somebody touches a boss in a raid, my latency instantly jumps to 400ms, and wont stop there. it continues to rise to unplayable levels of 1000, 5000, 9000ms, where I have 30 seconds and even minutes of delay.

I use an ability and my char starts the cast animation, but nothing else happens, the spell doesn't go off, no casting bar appears, nothing. The biggest thing is, I see everybody around me moving perfectly, the boss working like it should with no delay, casting their spells and using their abilities while my char is there, stuck in the time, for all eternity (Or until the boss kills me, which is the usual result)

I've tried:

Delete WTF and Cache
Engaging boss with no addons.
Turning video settings to minimal
Turning off TS
Using Gamebooster to close all processes not related to gaming
Clearing my PC of bandwidth consuming files
Disabling firewall and antivirus while playing
Changing my ISP
Test it on a different computer
Change realmlist to the one used during the DDOS attack and backforth to normal
Disabling Combat Log via mods

The only thing I haven't tried is moving to a different country ( ... )

This started to happen right after the DDoS attack episode.

I quitted Dalaran for 3 weeks due to this horrible issue. Again i come back with hopes, only to have them shattered, again.

I quitted Dalaran 3 days ago, I miss my char due to the time I've put in it, I don't want to just let it die there, rot in the dust, or even worse, give it to someone else.

Last time I made this thread asking for help it got deleted in ~5min, then a PM refering me to Lothloryen. I sent a mail to support team but I'm guessing they are very busy keeping up the server, plus holidays. And I want to play, this issue wasn't here before, never experienced something similar in the years I have playing this game.

Please help me.

Rubb @ Kirin Tor

Troll Rogue
Alot of people have the same issue, including myself

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