So you're new to Torrents? This guide might help you.

Richard @ 0
Hello everyone! I just thought I might make a quick guide on Where to get torrents, different torrent clients, where to get those clients and where you can get a 3.3.5 no install torrent.

I would like to point out that I have never made a guide before so go easy on me. :P

In this guide I Will tell you where to get torrent clients how to install them and where to get a world of warcraft 3.3.5 torrent and set up your realm list to play on Dalaran-WoW.

So the first thing is first To download a torrent you will need a torrent client. The torrent Client that I use is called Utorrent. You can download it here

Make sure you click and download the free client because Utorrent Plus cost money.

Alternatives consist of Vuze which can be found here

Bit torrent which can be found here.

Once installed You will need to Get a Torrent. Now you can Download the Official Dalaran-WoW torrent but you might notice that there aren't a lot of seeds for that so I tend to download this torrent

and then change the realmlist to Dalaran-WoW's realm list. "But Inismona, I don't know what seeds are" Let me explain, File sharing is how torrents work. To put it simply seeders are hosting the file to be downloaded leechers then download the file from the seeders. That being said Try and be a cool dude and seed what you download whenever possible.

Now once you download the World of Warcraft 3.3.5a client with Utorrent what you are going to want to do is go into the 3.3.5a folder which can be done by going into the folder in which your torrents are downloaded to in my case that would be My downloads however a quick and easy way to access the folder is to open Utorrent and right click the torrent which says World Of Warcraft 3.3.5a (no install) and click open containing folder. once opened you're going to want to open your realmlist.WTF with notepad. The realmlist.WTF can be found by going into the data folder and then the enUS folder. once you open the Realmlist.WTF with notepad you then erase everything inside and then put this in Set Realmlist and then click save.

two annoying things that may occur is the file being read only perverting you from changing it. Fixing this however it quite simple right click the realmlist then click on properties. Inside the general tab under attributes make sure that the option read only is unchecked. another issue windows vista and windows 7 users might have is saving the updated realmlist if any security issues prevent you from doing this simply move the Realmlist.WTF folder to the desktop then change it to Dalaran-WoW's realmlist save and move back into the 3.3.5a folder.

I know this was a pretty simple and basic guide but I hope it helps some of you who are completely new or newish to torrents. Any other questions that any of you guys might have or any other help you may need or anything you guys think I should have added just make a comment and i will get back to you. You may also Private message me on the forums, or feel free to hit me up in game.

Cheers and have a wonderful day/night and I hope to see you all in game.

Gumbel @ Kirin Tor

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Very good and detailed guide you' e written up here. Thanks for posting ;)

Lothloryen @ Kirin Tor
Staff Member
Thank you Inismona,

As I wrote in Monney's post, I'm totally sure some newcommers will use this guides, really good job.

After the sticky system is implemented, both of your guides will be sticked.

Richard @ Kirin Tor
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Sounds good. :D

@ Kirin Tor
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My brother keeps getting a corrupt file or another file is disrupting it or something when he tries to load the game. He's already downloaded it twice.

Richard @ Kirin Tor
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Edited on 2015-01-25 04:01:00
Hails everyone! I took quite the break from WoW and have gotten back to quite a few messages of people asking for help which sadly being gone have no been replied too. I am back now and Am more than willing to help anyone who needs help with anything in regards of getting the game started.

Downloading a torrent client.




getting the torrent/magnet link

Anything in regards of getting started Feel free to message me here on the forums or in game under my new character on the main realm Algalon - Main realm. (A) I will do my very best to get back to you as quick as possible on the forums as well. All the best. Inismona / Michelleadin. :)

Feralbeef @ Kirin Tor

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thanks for the hints guys and girls it always helped me out,
i also want to add that you must use VPN if you use torrent since some torrent files are definitely not legal by law in some countries and thus its wise to hide your IP adress !
best reggards from feralbeef, and stay save with the corona pandemic going on :)

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