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Hornsworthy @ Kirin Tor

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Edited on 2015-08-04 14:24:43
Hey All,

So after playing on this server and becoming addicted I've been using Wine on my Macbook to play when I'm out and about and near a Wifi connection.

So I'd had enough of dealing with the issues that wine presents when running WoW.exe and after doing some research here is a nice and easy way of running it natively on Mac. I'm using Mac OS 10.10.2 and WoW is running at 120+ Fps.

1. Download the Dalaran-WoW 3.3.5a Client for Windows.

2. Download the World of Warcraft 3.3.5a .app file from here:

3. Extract the .zip file and move the World of file into the World of Warcraft folder alongside wow.exe

Now the game will run by just double clicking the World of file however there is one tweak we can make to significantly improve performance. This section of the guide can be applied to Linux, however on Linux you must use the WINE program compatibility layer.

Changing the following settings in Mac and Linux will give a noticeable performance increase as it will be rendering WoW using OpenGL which is native to Mac and Linux.

I can confirm that on Linux (Running Arch 64-Bit) using wine 1.7.3 and OpenGL settings, performance is increased by approximately 10-20 FPS.

1. Navigate to your WTF folder and open with TextEdit or a similar program (Do not use Microsoft Office).

2. Scroll to the bottom of the file and adding this to the end: SET gxApi "OpenGL"

3. Save the file and close.

And that's it! I only have access to 10.10.2 but this should work on Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks as well.

Have Fun!

Halbit @ Kirin Tor

Dwarf Hunter
I'm having trouble getting addons working, any advice for that?

Hornsworthy @ Kirin Tor

Tauren Druid
I've not had any issues running addons on Mac or Linux. Make sure the addons are definitely located in your Addons/Interface folder and remember to enable them on the character select screen. Some addons may require you to tick the "Load Out of Date Addons" box.

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