Info please

Ulcheo @ Kirin Tor
12 Blood Elf Mage
I hope this is the right section, I am on the Horde side on Kirin Tor, I've noticed the AH is empty and the who list shows only a few people on at a time, although I see several posts in other forums some as new as 3 days other a few weeks old. Is this server dead? or just starting? I did see the posts of all the firsts achievments that players were rewarded. A little confused.

Dogeman @ Kirin Tor
1 Undead Warlock
Kirin tor is dead, you should play on algalon :)

Frass @ Kirin Tor
25 Night Elf Hunter
That is the old realm, algalon, is the new one, and it has around 700 players at peak on average, more on horde, and yeah, its progressive, unlike other private servers, it works like retail did, and gradually releases content, i suggest you take a look.

Laek @ Kirin Tor
55 Blood Elf Warlock
Greeting Ulcheo :) I play on Horde in the Kirin Tor realm, and I have almost gathered enough signatures to found a guild on the realm. If we can get it started we can maintain a Horde community in Kirin Tor, my character is called Laek, and I will send you add you as a friend :)

Igníte @ Kirin Tor
of the Nightfall

80 Human Mage
Kirin Tor is not dead, I know some people like to think so, but that is completely untrue.
I know the horde community on Kirin Tor is very innactive although Laek: I am rooting for you guys, we miss having horde around :)
On the alliance side however we have kept things going for several months now, our guild has over 20 active members and we raid 3 nights per week, we also do some PvP amongst ourselves.
So yeah, Kirin Tor lives.

Ulcheo @ Kirin Tor
12 Blood Elf Mage
Nice, a server to rebuild. Thanks for the info folks! I look forward to hearing from you Laek.

Kravica @ Kirin Tor
the Kingslayer

80 Tauren Druid
") i would return to horde on Kirin Tor to take down LK 10HC

@ Kirin Tor
All Races All Class
im looking for a guild just started here

in on Kirin Tor server so this right one it the new server

but seem empty best time i see 2 player here feel like im here alone even though i give a shout "HI" every day .

Lifé @ Kirin Tor

76 Draenei Death Knight
no1 plays on that dead realm, go on algalon

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