Legendary PvE Tournament: WoTLK raids.

Lothloryen @ Kirin Tor
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Hello Citizens of Dalaran,


We would like to mention that we have many great news to announce. However, we are going to start first by talking about the Legendary PVE Tournament we have been preparing for some time.

As you probably know, we have been hosting the unprecedented Legends of Dalaran PvE tournament for some years, which consisted in several contests (speed run / special and unique achievement run - feats we propose, nothing custom) within the available Top Tier at that moment. This time, this remarkable PvE Tournament will be for everyone, it will include different and new contests/challenges for every single raid tier, from Naxxramas to Ruby Sanctum. Therefore, no matter if you just reached level 80 and started doing Naxxramas, if you are raiding the Heroic modes of the top raids or even if you are thinking to start anew the WoTLK progression, you may participate and earn some gratifying rewards, dashing through a challenging, progressive and pre-nerf content with this competition.

We are currently finishing its shape and form - everything will be explained through further news, such as how to participate, details, dates/schedule and rewards. We are looking forward to hosting this Legendary PvE Tournament and hope that every one of you enjoys it as much as we will.

"Do you hear the screams from the Scourge under the Ziggurat? Do you think yourself strong enough to not bow down before The God of Death? Will you rise among the Champions and make your faction proud? Are you feeling the shivers when you approach The Frozen Throne? Will you dare to enter into the realm of shadows and face the Twilight?

The cycle is constant. Altogether we are going to defeat every enemy once again, but this time under a new quest. We are looking for The Legends of Dalaran to outshine their foes. Are you one of them?"

Aquabella @ Kirin Tor

4 Human Priest
ty! looking forward to more details :D

Klisklark @ Kirin Tor
1 Undead Warrior
Sounds awesome! Will it cover raids like OS, Onyxia etc?

Bettyel @ Kirin Tor
1 Blood Elf Rogue
Yeah, we won't win but our guild sure will have a good time xd

Deathstep @ Kirin Tor
4 Dwarf Paladin

Dinqt @ Kirin Tor
7 Gnome Rogue
i dont have a guild myself but seeing things like this being organized is very pretty , thank you staff thats why u are unique in certain ways

Plainfeather @ Kirin Tor

Klisklark posted:
Sounds awesome! Will it cover raids like OS, Onyxia etc?

We have recently made a new thread, where we shed a light on the tournament and give you a little more information about it.
All we can say for now is that all the players, including the new ones, will be able to participate and choose their own path.

The thread can be read here! Click me


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