9th Anniversary - Bound to Dalaran.

Lothloryen @ Kirin Tor
Staff Member
Edited on 2022-07-31 18:01:57
Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

We would like to present you our new trailer: Bound to Dalaran: Your Timeless Journey

You can also read a bit more about it here .

Edit: Now, you can also read the presentation: Bound to Dalaran

Thank you for everything.

Xaminez @ Kirin Tor

Human Paladin
Thank you guys so much for everything you've done for us as a community.

Dalaran has been a second home to me and many others and I'm so very glad to have spent it with you all.

Much love, see you all soon.

Horich @ Kirin Tor
Undead Warrior

I wanted to play this for a long time
I'm interested if you could tell me, is this a trailer for a new realm release?
Is it better if I wait to start playing after the update?

Bajer @ Kirin Tor

Troll Rogue

Thareus @ Kirin Tor
Human Warrior
FINALLY. MY HOPES ARE ANSWERED. I love the new realm design guys. If I could add/ask one more thing, it would be to keep content at 1x for as long as possible, so people like me, as well as others I am sure, can enjoy the blizzlike journey. Ofcourse, I don't mind bit higher xp rates later on, ideally after first tier finishes, but that is just my 2 cents.
Hope to see you all soon!

Natie @ Algalon
80 Blood Elf Paladin
It seems like a huge amount of effort went into this.

Malkavia @ Algalon
Staff Member
Hello everyone, thank you for the support and the nice feedback we are receiving everywhere.

It was a lot of work, but it is the least we can do for you.

We will keep you posted!

Thanks again.

Drimwaz @ Kirin Tor

Troll Shaman
Edited on 2022-07-23 21:22:15
Been waiting for something like this to happen! Only issue i see is that the people i've spoken to about this feels like it's way to catered to all the old players who can basically grab full t7 bis from the vault once someone has cleared ulduar and at the same time new people might struggle to get their t7 gear. Or am i understanding it wrong?

Thareus @ Kirin Tor
Human Warrior
Drimwaz, it is not that difficult to obtain BiS tier 7 gear tbh, atleast not for a good raider. It's a small issue in my eyes, nor would it grant you a huge advantage. Most lf us are in here for a fresh x1 blizzlike wotlk (finally, after 3-4 years).

Spadita @ Kirin Tor
Staff Member
@Drimwaz: Yes, you are right, but more than an advantage for old players is like some sort of catch-up for those who "arrive late".

Keep in mind, with a new tier, will unlock the new emblem drop from dungeons (for those attuned), and they will have access to a higher and better gear than the previous tier. Most of the active players during the progression will be raiding Ulduar, so we believe that if someone who just re-joined the server is able to take their old Tier 7 gear it will be a general benefit for the server, and it will not have an impact on the progression. Also, not everyone will be able to retrieve a full set, many players will just get a few items from old eras or Algalon, it depends on what they had.

Additionally, Ulduar Realm First may take a while, maybe not the 42 days that took back in the day on Algalon, but it will not be an easy feat for sure.

Hope it solves the doubts!

Memegrill @ Kirin Tor

Tauren Shaman
Question: how will the "Vault of eras" and "merging items" work for characters that already have an entirely full bank and bags of soulbound items. For example, many of my characters have entirely full banks, with 7 slots of full 36 slot bags all completely filled. How will I keep finding room for more items as the "eras" progress? Will we be able to move items out and IN to the vault? Will we just be forced to keep deleting gear to make room? Will gear that goes "over" the maximum inventory space just be deleted when it is migrated back to Algalon?

I'm sure this isn't a thought unique to me, as many other players have been hoarding gear from all tiers for many years on their characters. It definitely will not apply to most characters though.


Tinklepoopoo @ Kirin Tor

Blood Elf Priest
The new server shows locked. How do I access it?

Natie @ Algalon
80 Blood Elf Paladin
You don't, it will open in August.

Aireeanna @ Algalon

80 Draenei Shaman
What about this example: a player is full ICC gear and vendored all previous gear they once had (nax, ulduar, etc.). When Ulduar is unlocked and the vault is accessible, will there be anything available to the example player? Has the player's item history been recorded since day 1 so there is a 'database' to reference?

Malkavia @ Algalon
Staff Member

Good questions. Before Dalaran's release, there will be a snapshot from Algalon (we will publish an announcement about it giving more details). This means that the items, achievements, mounts... will be "saved". Your Dalaran characters will be based on that snapshot. Remember though that limitations and restrictions will be applied upon the realm release.

If you deleted something from Algalon before the snapshot happens, you will not be able to retrieve it. However, if you delete something after the snapshot, you will be perfectly able to get it back in the future (on Dalaran realm, but, since your characters will be merged at the end of the Era, you will also have it on Algalon).

That is regarding Algalon's snapshot.

Regarding Dalaran's. During the progression, there will be one snapshot at the end of each Tier, so you can delete the gear if you want. After it is snapshotted, it will be saved and therefore, retrievable during the next year's Era.

You will not be able to move items in or out of the Vault. You will be able to see and retrieve your achievements, items, mounts, etc, from previous snapshots. You don't need to worry, everything will be done automatically.

We will be announcing and explaining everything before each step so there are no doubts and everyone is aware of it. We might do a short video-tutorial explaining all those concepts so there is no room for doubt.

Thank you for pointing it out, we will edit the presentation with those details that might not be totally clear.

Milksq @ Algalon

Undead Mage
Edited on 2022-07-25 00:10:57
loth m8 :3, love u all, what a cute video. Cya at the release :D

Loliangler @ Kirin Tor

Draenei Paladin
I'll give it a shot if I'm not dead or arrested by then, but I have to stress how important it is to me that the realm doesn't go through the same things that made me leave 2 years ago, and then again 1 year ago. The full thread is here but the tl;dr in the current context is:

- Rates: The potential optional 3x rates for the new realm should only apply to experience, maybe honor, and nothing else - boosted rates in any other area (especially reputation and drops), including "temporary" boosts, would be unacceptable to me. I'm important.

- Core players banned for "advertising": If I find out that a player like Linten or Luzbel has been banned over something ridiculous like this, I'll simulate the duration of the ban on myself. A mute should be more than sufficient for that.

- I think I recall seeing some questionable items added to the store at some point, like instant-cast mounts or mounts with higher speed? I'm not sure, but if that's the case, they give an advantage and should be adjusted or not be in the new realm.

Let's see what happens.

Grifith @ Algalon

80 Human Death Knight
I have a couple of questions:

1. Heirlooms - How will heirlooms bet treated on this new realm. Will I need to put all of my heirlooms onto my 80 in their vault to be able to get them on Dalaran? Or is there a record of my purchases with donation/vote points that will have the heirlooms mailed to my 80 after Dalaran goes live?

2. Nonraiders - Is there a plan for people that do not want or can't raid? On Algalon I am locked out of some quests, items, and dungeons because I don't have time to commit to raiding and really don't have the desire to either. So I just level characters and farm some matts with my ilvl 200 capped 80. Will there ever be a way for someone like me to progress quests and reputations on Dalaran?

3. Population - Will the dungeon finders, auction houses, etc be linked across the servers? If I choose to stay on Algalon because I have 9 characters between 30 and 60, will I be giving up the abilityt to do group content? I originaly moved off of Kirin Tor for the sole reason of trying to find other people playing around my time zones even though I much prefer normal to PvP realms.

Natie @ Algalon
80 Blood Elf Paladin
Edited on 2022-07-26 11:57:41
I would guess things like heirlooms, or SWP / Brutal Gladiator gear won't transfer or unlock at the start? They're far superior to greens that we're meant to start with.

Horich @ Kirin Tor
Undead Warrior
Hello I have a question.

Will you be able to transfer more then 1 character from Algoln on to Dalaran?

Palex @ Kirin Tor

80 Human Paladin
Will we be able to retrieve from Vault our attunements?

For example, i have Naxx attunement on Algalon. Wil it be available on my Dalaran char after realm first Naxx if i had not done Naxx on Dalaran?

Dmgrage @ Algalon

80 Human Rogue
Edited on 2022-07-31 18:02:41
yep, but not when naxx realm first pops, its always current tier -1, like on the voice video says. You get Naxx things when Ulduar RF pops

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