The Winds of Winter - Betas and Development

Lothloryen @ Kirin Tor
Staff Member
Edited by Lothloryen on 2016-10-24 16:51:52
Hello citizens of Dalaran,

"Can you feel it? Closing in all around you.. The light's justice has been awakened, the sins of the past have finally caught up to you."

With that sentence we want to bring you all exciting news.

To start off, we have been working hard to be able to schedule the multiple Beta sessions for the Pit of Saron, Forge of Souls, Halls of Reflection 5 man dungeons, and the raid on Icecrown Citadel itself. Along with these, the two important quests chains; Shadowmourne and Quel'Delar, will be released and will also be able to be tested during the beta.

The procedure you will have to follow in order to participate in this closed Beta session shall be announced by us on our forums and social media. Because the process will be more complex this time around, we will make several posts about it in order to explain in detail how and who can participate in them. We will require full raid groups, party groups, and exceptional individuals for the different testing sessions. We are notifying this beforehand for the players that have gotten a bit inactive while they have been waiting for the Lich King, so they too get aware and can participate in the Beta testing.

Secondly, we want to announce the continuation of the Changelogs. Due to several changes made in the Staff group during the summer vacations, we are once again opening our doors to hire developers, and incorporate them to replace the absences that happened since August. We want to push the work that needs to be done even harder. In addition, we want to remind all the excellent players that have been making amazing bug reports on the bugtracker, that they can collaborate with Dalaran-WoW as official testers.

Furthermore, the Game Master recruitment is still open. Thanks to Morens, Impreza and Lantri, that have settled nicely in the team, the incorporation of new Game Masters that want to help and resolve in-game issues will be easier. If you want to become a part of our family as a Game Master, or join the process of testing to push the changelog faster, you can send your application here: [email protected]

Stay tuned, as Winter is coming and brings adventures to face, tons of illusions, and hard work. We are really motivated and excited about the results of what we have been working on. We will stay true to our essence and bring you the most detailed and perfected experience, true to how it back was in the glorious days of Wrath of the Lich King. We won't stop until we achieve that and you can all enjoy it.

Cheno @ Kirin Tor

1 Tauren Druid
I dropped my pants and I'm ready for this!

Ordo @ Kirin Tor

10 Human Warlock
ICC soonâ„¢

Icespear @ Kirin Tor
1 Night Elf Warrior
Is it gonna be out by the end of april?

Gerardd @ Kirin Tor

1 Human Mage
Awesome! Can't wait, keep up the good work team!

Edzero @ Kirin Tor

1 Night Elf Priest
Awesome news.

Ed for gm.

Imbum @ Kirin Tor

70 Blood Elf Paladin
dibs on shadowmourne testing

Achílles @ Kirin Tor
of the Nightfall

80 Human Warrior
Awesome news, finally something about the long waited ICC.

Euler @ Kirin Tor
1 Tauren Druid
cant wait to see what you guys have built. thanks and keep it up :-)

Opasfukc @ Kirin Tor

1 Human Warlock
Can't wait to keep playing toc for another 4 months. Yay.

Riderofdeath @ Kirin Tor

1 Orc Hunter
Keep up the good work. As in, please fix the bugs that require your immediate attention (which are quite a few), finally rework the website so that it works properly not 0.1/1 as it does now etc etc etc.

Edzero @ Kirin Tor

1 Night Elf Priest
Become tester - test bug fixes - fixes get applied to live.

Website comes after ICC/RS I think.

Riderofdeath @ Kirin Tor

1 Orc Hunter
Edited by Riderofdeath on 2016-10-24 16:37:07
Unfortunately due to my shitty laptop + currently working on a master's degree + looking for a job kinda prevent me from having the free time of testing anything right now. Wish I could be more helpful tho...I try to make reports on the bug tracker for every bug I encounter when I have the free time to even play...
And imo the website should have priority. It's like the first thing new players encounter when they wanna join a server or just check it bad website functionality usually points to a lazy staff or just a lack of interest for the server, and it discourages other players from joining/staying on the server plus it's like the main thing u use to vote and support the server in one form or another and make it more known.

Fixlol @ Kirin Tor
1 Troll Priest
Edited by Fixlol on 2016-10-28 18:03:43
I hope that fix 80% all classes before putting ICC, because there are classes with serious bug in positive.Some people do not deign to report since it is their class, I find this to people without brain.

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