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Furries @ Kirin Tor

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The other topic is extremely long and convoluted, which is why I'll try to bring up some points here. Feel free to contribute/refute.
To start off as an older player who has gathered a lot of gold, achievements, gear and vanity items I am completely against the idea of being robbed of everything I have accumulated over the years I have been here.

1. Taking away half of the gold will not help the economy. Say that is done. You need a small adjustment period where the people with gathering professions can start selling again. The problem with the economy wasn't that bad to begin with. Pretty much all of the 2015 dupers are gone and their gold is sitting idly by. If you have a small number of people selling stuff they will set the prices and no one will be able to buy apart from the very rich who are just a bit less richer than before.

2. Emblems - You're basically forcing everyone to pool their emblems into gems.
3. Crafting materials - The way this system is described you cannot use materials until your tier is already cleared. I see no reason why those cannot be locked instead of outright removed from the game.
4. Achievements - You assured people nothing will be lost for older players. Well right now I am told half of the best mounts and Titles I have will be gone for god knows how long.

To expand on that the tier unlocking is insane. You can use Ulduar gear once you do Yogg 25 HM? Should we go back to the fact that the first Death's Demise involved bugging a Demolisher in Yogg's room? Or that Death Knights, Warlocks and Warriors did ~10% extra dps due to class bugs? I still remember the 7 Warlocks and 6 DKs to clear Anub.
Let us not forget that the first LoD kill involved the very same classes that are bugged. The next kill (after the class fixes) took several months because people straight did not have the gear to pull the numbers required to offset the bonus HP given to the boss and the adds.
But right now you require the HM kill for the tier to unlock the gear that is available to that tier, which is backtracking. And unlike in the past you will not have bugged classes to pick up the slack.

It makes no sense from a business point of view. This idea will push both new and old people away instead of bringing in new people. As an older player I will literally feel like a plucked chicken. A new player will be turned off by the idea of being forced to progress each tier and not knowing for how long. Not everyone has the time, energy and quite frankly the desire to be a hardcore player. Many people just want to play casually and enjoy themselves. This server will not be the place for them to go to. And despite being one of the oldest players and one of the more accomplished ones I will certainly not be waiting for 2-3 years until I can actually use the stuff I have already gathered/achieved.

Not much of a PvP player, so I will not comment on that. The PvE aspect of the Second Era is atrocious.

Koraa @ Kirin Tor
1 Troll Shaman
Don't do nothing let people enjoy Algalon as it is. No time and energy to invest into anything new.

Polkysan @ Kirin Tor

5 Human Warlock
Seeing as i have only been playing a bit over a year and only pretty casually due to work schedule, i find the second era and what it entails a little off putting. Will see how it plays out if it dose occur, hoping it dose not feel like i am missing to much or have been hamstrung any.

Serenna @ Kirin Tor

7 Night Elf Warrior
The "Complete wow Experience on the 3.3.5 patch" as suggested in the 'Second Era ideas' thread is vastly superior to 'Soft Reset Second Era'.

It is superior in literally every aspect.

Rhaeggar @ Kirin Tor

5 Blood Elf Paladin
Every veteran player I have spoken to so far is very against this idea of a second era. I applaud the server devs for looking for ways to keep our server relevant but I feel this is just an attempt to please everyone that will actually please no one. I'm scared to death that it will kill our server. :(

Stubbs @ Kirin Tor

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I want to know what they are going to with Guild Vaults as far as BOE's we have and Mats, and gold … I Also know about 58 people that said they would leave the server if they did this 2nd Era thing.... Instead of messing with our server why don't they just do it on Kirin Tor..I myself have well over 500 days played on this server and will stop playing if they touch my gold, my Orbs and primo's, or my Mats..The population is already low why kill this server????

Vigilanceme @ Kirin Tor

1 Orc Warlock
Edited by Vigilanceme on 2019-10-21 16:06:49
I feel like the general response to the new era has been fairly counterproductive with everyone wanting something different without coming up with any solution other than the "Revival of old content".
Personally I can't see any reason why improving non-wotlk content would attract new players to the server especially now that Classic is out.

So I'll start of with stating the obvious; Doing nothing is the only thing that with certainty will kill the server.
So Loth is forced to make some hard choices. I would personally not have gone with a soft reset simply because of the work needed, but here we are.
Since Loth went with what is essentially a compromise between keeping everything as it is and making a new server I'll try to focus on what could be improved for old and new players.

Locking gear is an absolute must if you want any kind of new progression to be realistic. Obviously this conflicts heavily with the older players that have used several years to get to where they are now.
Sadly I see no solution to this problem other than a system that likely is far too complicated for a puny private server. Now if we do agree that gear has to be locked the question turns to "for how long?".
The only logical answer to me would be until the gear is no longer relevant in the current progression. That lands us at the same schedule as Loth has right now with the exception of ToC gear which for some reaon is being released early.

I am slightly confused why people are so vehemently against removing a percentage of gold.
As i see it any gold removed will increase the value of the remaining gold by almost the same amount you lost. This is of course only true as long as you don't remove too much gold.
I feel like that is a pretty minor price to clean up after the gold duping and it could possibly be a thing that is done every new era to keep inflation in check.
The only real downside i can see is that reducing the amount of gold will boost the effectiveness of bots.
However Loth really needs to do something about the bots anyway.
I'd suggest an easier bot reporting system with permabans and appeals. This will be a temporary solution until you get a gold selling system similar to what Omegawow (R.I.P.) has. That way you outcompete botting and redirect any revenue they are making into the server itself.
This would let players trade gold for donation points with other players.

Now while I agree with most of what Loth has decided that doesn't mean I don't think there isn't room for improvement.
For starters I think that mounts are one of the things that shouldn't be locked away since it has no effect on the current progression and is a way for the old players to stand out.
I don't particularly see why you would make more Scarab lords, but since I don't have it I'm not complaining.
On top of that it would also make more sense to simply put Orbs and Emblems into the vault instead of deleting them.

Concerning Furries response to the unlocking of gear I think you have misunderstood what Loth wrote and even if you didn't there will be a rebalancing during the beta.
As i understand it he's only locking away gear you already have. You will of course be able to use any new gear that drops from raids to properly emulate new progression.

Furries @ Kirin Tor

1 Night Elf Druid
I completely understand how it works. On one hand it enforces that people will only use gear they have gotten after this "new era". But it is pointless. If you're locking away gear just lock away all gear until RS is released.

The inclination regarding the Beta Testing was to make the server more hardcore, thus buff bosses. I seriously doubt they will nerf bosses. I did both Naxx and Ulduar in progression and I can say that the only way actual hardmodes were done was through abusing, be it with classes or mechanics. You had classes doing more than intended but also classes doing less. The 3.3.5 talents are not enough to warrant the unnecessarily buffed bosses. You still have classes doing less than intended, but no classes that will pick up the slack.

If this is the case and the only way to progress would be to kill the HM of the last boss of a tier things will get very interesting. People better pray there will be a time schedule to unlock tiers.

Vigilanceme @ Kirin Tor

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Edited by Vigilanceme on 2019-10-21 20:36:20
Hmm you might be right that a time schedule would be a better idea than strictly waiting for players to clear it or perhaps a mix of both. Set a maximum time limit you want players to spend on a tier, but if the content is being cleared earlier than your date you can speed up the release a bit.

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