Is it true that Excalibur characters will move here?

Synthetic @ Kirin Tor
2 Gnome Warlock
Hello guys,

I recently heard that the TBC realm Excalibur will be closing down and there will be the option to xfer characters to Dala wow. Is that true?


Malkavia @ Kirin Tor
Staff Member

Yes, after some talks with Excalibur staff we have agreed to offer transfers to their players, although we need some time in order to provide a system that will be fair and respect as much as possible the work from Excalibur and Algalon's players.

We are still discussing the details, but we will perform an announcement when everything is settled.


Furries @ Kirin Tor

1 Night Elf Druid
While on the subject - I have 2 characters on that server. From what I read initially you will be able to copy them on a file from the program and then transfer here. This will only work for the items equipped on the hero. Bank and bag items will be lost.

I think you should at least save the mounts and pets as those can be extremely rare and sadly are not learned in TBC, but saved in your inventory.

Also will you be able to rename the characters when you move them? 1 of my characters shares a name with an already existing character of mine which would be an issue otherwise. I can assume it's the same for other players as well.

Biantgooger @ Kirin Tor
1 Orc Shaman
I am one of those players. Excal finished their tool to download our characters, got my account ready to ship! Can someone explain how we go about this transfer on Dalaran's end?

Annegrete @ Kirin Tor
2 Night Elf Druid
Are there any upates about the situation guys? I really would appreciate the possibility to transfer some chars, even with restricitons.

Torben @ Kirin Tor
10 Orc Hunter
I'm curious too as to the status of this.
Excalibur allows users to download their character data for the transfer. So getting user data moved over shouldn't be an issue.

Omgpwnd @ Kirin Tor

1 Tauren Druid
Can't see the forum anymore, its probably gone for good so.. I wouldn't get my hopes up

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