Ultarawm @ Kirin Tor

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Ok so I got a couple of dinger ideas here so bare with me...

1: Semi-permadeath pvp realm - if you die anywhere from anything you can't login to that character for 48 hours and you lose... something. Also rework of some things like lvl 80s can be attacked by the other faction anywhere at any time no matter what territory your in, but of course in some places, like Dalaran, Shattrath, etc, if your attacked guards will come slaughter your attacker. I think this would be cool because it would increase the steaks of pvp and a raid could wipe out large faction populations for days, you could incentivize raiding by creation a good reward mechanic for open world pvp.
This idea was originally a full permadeath realm but then while I was talking about it I fell off a cliff while mining in Icecrown and died and was like, "no this is a terrible idea."

2: A level 1 only pve or pvp realm - nobody can get past level 1, all NPCs, encounters, and items are scaled down to level 1. Extra abilities can be added for level 1s and can be unlocked by doing... stuff. Idk, could be interesting.

3: Remove the exp gain for existing in Battlegrounds, making exp gain kill based would cut down on AFK queuing,

Thaaank youuuuu

Deathstep @ Kirin Tor
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custom "fun" servers die on launch month, dalaran-wow specifically can't release this realm because it would kill both of their realms at the same time.

Tarpor @ Kirin Tor

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new server

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