[Dalaran-Realm] Advertise - Fresh Is Near!

Empa @ Algalon
Orc Hunter
Edited on 2022-08-08 18:03:45
Hello,Dalaran-WoW Community!

Advertise as much as you can dear GM's.

This Reddit [subreddit] - []:

Just like any subeddit it contains a lot of trolls and people who down vote project bu we all hope good will overcome evil!
It's about time people get to know about this amazing project and hard work throughout years that made this best server and community there is.

We need to present mentality of realm in best way possible for sure some people're gonna downvote but who cares bout haters!

I can't post due to my karma on Reddit obviously I need to spend hours commenting on something I don't even bother but if there is someone who can drop posts on
Here's the post to copy paste.
Thank You!

Dalaran-WoW [Best Blizzlike Experience Wrath Realm]

Dalaran-WoW is a server that's been held for 10 years and it's quality have been improved through so many aspects, it's about time this subreddit gets to know about best Wrath server that private scene ever offered.

Qualitys Of Server:

- Blizzlike Values [Experience/Reputation/Drop Chance]

- Pre-Nerf Content [Buffed]

- Fresh

- Long-Term Project and Safety

- Responsible & Experienced GM's

- Best Community In The Game!

It's time for Dalaran-WoW to be heard!

We need commitment and healthy population here on release, it's about time people get to enjoy game at it's best without paying!

Quality Over Quantity is what Dalaran-WoW stands for!

It's Time for Real Deal and Real Hype Train!

Have a Good Day Reddit Community!

Loliangler @ Kirin Tor

Draenei Paladin
Yea I don't know if reddit is really the best crowd to be attracting nowadays...

Panofsky @ Kirin Tor
Night Elf Warrior
Reddit fits him, if you think about it.

Darkpilot @ Algalon

80 Troll Warrior
Yeah, they're advertising, an ad with dalaran trailer appeared to me in youtube and I got 2 emails from them. Don't think reddit is a good place tho

Empa @ Algalon
Orc Hunter
Reddit was never good place to begin with to advertise anything but considering amount of players Project needs to be working, you gotta go throught darkness to see the light. Same goes for Project that wants Light [Sucess]. Place is dark and deep but even there are normal people who will see it and might show interest. Remember we as community are responsible for any downfall of this Project just because our ignorance and ego didn't allow us to keep the diamond in place.

Empa @ Algalon
Orc Hunter
Edited on 2022-08-08 16:34:01
Reddit does fit me you are completely right.
You are gonna defend what you stand for, so why not do it on place where it's supposed to be put on!
Whoever likes Dalaran-WoW and Project that don't Die On Arrival in general will understand what it means for your advertisment to be sucesfull.
You are sucessfull when you realize Your Project is getting a lot of Downvotes and constant Reddit posts otherwise if not something is wrong either not enough people heard about you or you need to keep do your best for your project to be heard across private scene.
Remember that servers die pretty fast when population is not enough to keep things at place like economy etc.
So for this Project to work We need atleast 3 more posts b4 actual Launch.
Thanks for understanding and any open minder person (not closed one) can reply to me and give suggestions based on what's right and what's wrong.

Empa @ Algalon
Orc Hunter
The way I heard for this server and many are through Reddit.
So anyone thinking Reddit is not place for advertisment is proven wrong.
How many people search for "Fresh" lich king realm just on /wowservers - plenty of them.
So take advantage of that, remember there is no second shot if server fails!

Loliangler @ Kirin Tor

Draenei Paladin
It's not that I'm against advertising, it's just that reddit hosts...*those* people... you never know what they might go on a freakish crusade for and where. Maybe r/wowservers isn't as affected tho, dunno

Mewbank @ Algalon
Dwarf Rogue
posted :)

Empa @ Algalon
Orc Hunter
Thank you,Mew.

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