Faction Balance related suggestion.

Baas @ Kirin Tor
Orc Shaman
Edited on 2022-08-16 16:24:45
Hello guys!
I would like to suggest one thing regarding faction balance, i saw on the other private project, and i thought is a briliant idea.
Basically, the idea is for a character to be able to choose his racial abilities from the opposite faction, so there wouldnt be this massive imbalance towards certain faction.

I guess you can make it as an option on website in character management section, restrict the choice to race that is able to have particular class. and lock it for like 90 days, after each change.
Yes, its not a blizzlike, however it worth giving it a thought.

What you, guys, think?

Loliangler @ Kirin Tor

Draenei Paladin
No way in hell. It may work as a measure for faction balance, but Algalon has had enough custom features in the last years. Incorporate one blatantly non-blizzlike measure, you're guaranteed to incorporate more, and where will it end? Triple experience, while optional, already pushes it. This would create a perversion of the WotLK experience, and I'd rather enjoy the faction imbalance.

Baas @ Kirin Tor
Orc Shaman
@Loliangler, so you admit that this measure is effective, even at first glance, but its not "not authentic blizzlike wotlk expirience" nature somehow negates possible benefits it may yield?
This is very weak argument, considering I already outlined the obvious part of it not being blizzlike. Many parts of any private projects are not blizzlike and never will be, it doesnt make it bad

Anyone else have something to say? Join the discussion, guys.

Rtrtr @ Algalon
Human Warrior

you need to know something,its a secret.This is not other servers.
If you let racials trough you might aswell start selling shadowmournes.

May you have long life and prosper Baas,may you never run out of suggestions.

Yours truly,lvl 4 dark skin warrior,you know it by now,

Baas @ Kirin Tor
Orc Shaman
Edited on 2022-08-13 12:49:51
Thank you for contributing nothing to this conversation.
you need to know something,its not a secret. This is why I made this post in "Suggestions" section.
You can make legit argument, but you choose poor sarcasm, and attempting to sell same horsepoop argument that was made before you, just in different wrap.
Do you really wanna go this way?
If I m banging your young wife and sisters, I might aswell go after your old ass fat ass momma. What kind of f*cked up argument is that?
Your logic is flawed, one does not lead to another.
Instead of sitting before keyboard and snorting dry crust of soy you lactating, wasting your and other ppl time on reading your weak attempt of trolling, give a picture how you anticipate this would wreck mayhem on ingame world, how it would make women to start giving birth to abominations, how men's junk would start falling off, world hunger, climate change, racism, patriarchy, transphobia, etc., Whatever you imagine would follow after implementation of this minor intervention.
I prefer to label it as "quality of life" improvement, and have witnessed at least one example of successfull implementation of said feature, which I wont advertise here, but can point out to Project's Staff, if interested through private communications. It targets long known flaw (or feature?) of majority private projects, which is faction imbalance, and yes, it comes with tradeoffs, pro's and con's if you will, which anyone have yet to point out. You can always turn it off, in case where sh*t start going south.

May you have long life and prosper Rtrtr, may you never run out of bitter soy to lactate.

Yours truly,lvl 69 huwaite skin heterosexual cis shaman, you know it by now,

p.s. I dont really mean to be this petty, but come on, brother, at least give me some legit argument with this sarcasm.

Is there anyone who would be in favor? Hello?

Baas @ Kirin Tor
Orc Shaman
Ok, I read the bluepost @Spadita and I respect staffs opinion and vision of dalaran-wow project.
My suggestion goes directly in counter with that vision, therefore I recall it, and topic may be closed.
Thanks to everyone!

Spadita @ Kirin Tor
Staff Member

Thanks for the reply, not only yours but we have received several similar suggestions, so we thought to make a general "statement" about it.

Glad you understand, thanks again!

Rtrtr @ Algalon
Human Warrior
@ Bass

You forgot to say sorry.

Yours truly,you know it,

Dark skin lvl 4 warrior, Rtrtr

Throbinwood @ Kirin Tor
Troll Hunter
you really should be calmer considering you are suggesting something that is of an unpopular opinion. I get that you aren't happy that the pushback given wasn't as articulated as you had hoped but the way you responded pretty much destroyed any chance you had of being taken seriously. It made you come across as someone who cries when they don't get their way and ultimately should not be taken too seriously. (if at all)

Don't bother responding to my post in the same fashion as the others, I'll assume it was something clever and edgy.

Just know that you need to be more open to the fact that not everyone is going to agree with you and that those who don't, won't always give you valid or even full reasons as to why.

Vinipooh @ Algalon
80 Human Paladin
No way in hell.

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