About Algalon 80 transfers

Loliangler @ Kirin Tor

Draenei Paladin
Following a conversation on the Discord, I'm going to paraphrase a couple of concerns about the transfers of level 80s from Algalon, mainly the gold per account. I noticed that the 4k gold per transferred account was reduced to 2k - that's good, but as someone with 2 accounts and multiple 80s, I still think that might be a bit high on a new realm. I imagine a lot of people have their 80s spread over multiple accounts, so we'd be getting quite a bit, in addition to starting with spells, professions, and some of our gear, if I understand it right.

I wouldn't mind starting with 500g or less, or giving Algalon players only like 50-100g per 80, rather than per account, just to start with something. This might also counter the advantage of starting with our professions and some of our gear to an extent.

Anyway, this bonus gold probably won't break the game's balance too much, but just in case.

Rtrtr @ Algalon
Human Warrior
Loli I love you,you effort is much appreciated.Your effors will be induced in dalaran-wows hall of fame.

yours truly, Rtrtr the legendary dark skin lvl 4 human warrior.

Baas @ Kirin Tor
Orc Shaman
I got you brother, easy solution for you. Once you log in do '/who' and mail your excessive gold to random lowbies.
I just dont understand where you coming from. Why is that we need to "counter advantage of starting with our professions and some of our gear to an extent", exactly? As to imply said advantage is unfair or unearned. What is that you trying to achieve cucking algalon community for gold?

If anything it will give a healthy boost for economy (considering all these farming bots wont be transfered along) and spare some misery to newcomers, as we are probably gonna spend good part of this gold on materials and enchants.
Anyone, who desire to expirience this blizzlike grind-race for a handfull of realm firsts, have this opportunity given to them, but it is very niche fetish, and there must be a decent way to join in, for those of us from algalon who doesnt.
It is basically forced on us, even tho majority of players recognize this as important step in dalaran-wow project life as necessity, lets not fool ourselves, we all know what will happen to old realm, once new one going live, all our material posessions and wealth on algalon have their worth multiplied by zero, if there are no players on it.
To summarise my point, I just want somewhat acceptable check-in to somewhat rhc/10m-raid - ready state at least. I believe it is fair thing to ask. I grinded my way on old realm from very early times to, at least, have some acknowledgement of time spent, consideration if you will.
Rather postpone the date when our 80's will be allowed in, as it will obviously inflate the economy a bit, to where you see us joining the ranks not over-inflating the economy, and let us in with our 2k/account. I m sorry, but Im not grinding sh*t from scratch.

upd. According to new polls now its only 1k/account, you gotta be kidding me, options for 500g, 100g are just a spit in face.
Spare me authentic-blizzlike-utopia whataboutism talks, when we already have this 2nd poll about 3x rates implementation.

Rtrtr @ Algalon
Human Warrior

you dont need the gold.All you need is the heart of gold and steel will.You also dont need professions. Its all in your mind.This game is about making friends,not making gold or getting items or killing bosses.This is social game like sims and you better enjoy it.

Yours truly,you know it, Rtrtr lvl 4 warrior from Algalon.

Hugs and kisses for Loliangler.

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