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Testinground @ Algalon
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Edited on 2022-08-12 22:16:06
This has already been discussed in the discord for the past few days and the main point is that after 5 days (it takes about this time to get all realm firsts, just as it was in 2014)
transfered algalon chars will be 80, while the majority of non-algalon players will be 20-30 level (this is excluding hard core leveling, which is obviously not a standard when comparing the average fresh player)

Even semi-hard core playtime (let's say 5 hours a day for 5 days, so a whole day of /played), will result in 40 level max.

So this leaves us with a bunch of 80 level chars that will all go to rhcs, and very fast they'll be doing naxx clears (therefore easily getting naxx rfs etc) and will be at a major advantage compared to the new players that are still leveling, still not even in Outland, etc

Some solutions that were suggested in the discord are:

-allow transfers to happen 3 weeks after realm release

-allow transfers to happen after first kel'thuzad kill

-allow transfers after a certain amount of new players have reached 80 (100 80s per faction)

Shavoz @ Algalon

80 Draenei Death Knight

Thanks for the post! I also think this is one of the most important thing to think about before the new server go live.

Allowing transfer after all realm first is very concerning to me. Some hardcore player will complete those feats in a really short time compare to regular/normal players. That will considerably reduce the number of players that will be playing at low level and who wants to have a real blizzlike experience. (with dungeons finder working, group questing and even some wild pvp)

I guess that many of them will not want to start fresh, if they are able to transfer instant lvl 80 only a few days after server release.

I really like the solution to have a certain number of weeks past before allowing transfer, even with all realm first achieved. (3-4 weeks at least..)

Spadita @ Kirin Tor
Staff Member
Edited on 2022-08-13 17:22:28
Hello there, first of all, thanks for the approach.

Now, let me share our view - we believe it will not take 5 days, it may take 2 weeks for all the realm first to be obtained (that includes all professions and some took around 2 weeks on Algalon) It is a x1 realm, it takes time.

We believe after that amount of time is a good option for the Algalon characters to unlock, if the realm firsts are achieved faster than we thought, then we will delay a bit the unlocking; we had it in mind, no worries.

However, in no case will happen after the raid Realm Firsts, as Algalon players have the right to participate in the race too. Also, the raids will not be open at the beginning - we will allow players a bit of time to level, because a race with more competitors is healthier than a race of just a few of them, even after the Algalon characters unlock. So there is like an adaptation time before that happens, new and old players will merge into one community under the same circumstances.

Thank you for your concerns, but we didn’t have the intention to flow with the 80s when just a very small amount of players arrived at that mark. We had the thought to make it happen when a good chunk of them are, not everyone, of course. We think after all the realm first are taken, there will be a good number of them.

We will adapt to how things go, if the realm first also takes too long (professions mostly) we also prepared a system where Algalon characters can still be unlocked and do not affect at all the realm firsts from race, class and professions.

We thought about many different possibilities before implementing the system, so you won’t have to worry, we will do the best for the realm and to keep the race fair and engaging activity.


(edit: Title modified, it may lead to confusion)

Crapbag @ Kirin Tor
Human Warrior
I really hope this will work out well like that. I, too, am worried that after a little while it'll just be all 80s on the server again with no one running lower dungeons or questing. If I could, I'd probably transfer over some of my lower, yet not low level, characters I've had on Dalaran for years and continue them on a server that should have more population (and therefore a more living world).

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