Dalaran realm idea

Clickhead @ Algalon
80 Human Paladin
Hi Loth and co.
A small idea for dungeons on the new realm.
Possibly making fos and pos normal available after naxx 10/25 is completed?
if there isnt enough people to run ulduar for better gear, people could farm these dungeons for the items in smaller numbers, they could sell/trade items from trash etc.
If they could form a group, then farm the dungeon as a whole including the normal bosses.
Again, the proposed idea is after someone has naxx attunement in both 10/25.
As Ulduar is a weekly lock, it would help people gear for Ulduar etc.
In theory it speeds up progress, but at the same time I think itd be a nice drawcard for newer or returning players.
It could also make logging at quiet times more appealing if theres such possibilities for 'a few quick farms' due to the global player base. I think itd be beneficial to everyone, but then its only an idea to consider :D

Jarrey @ Algalon
80 Undead Warrior
About fos/pos to me is a bad idea, I hope they keep the old progression system.

Plainfeather @ Kirin Tor

Thank you for the idea, but that is not in our minds at the moment. We have some plans to encourage activity and enjoy the available content in order.

Nonetheless, thank you for the suggestion!


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