I have no idea about moving your character to dalaran.

Kropple @ Algalon
Draenei Paladin
After everybody gets world first achievements and I swap my level 80 to dalaran from algalon will my original character on algalon delete itself or will they both just exist on different servers simultaneously? Will my level 80 start naked or will it have the same gear?
My final question is can I only move my first level 80 to dalaran, like if I have 2 level 80s but one is in my first slot and the other is in my last can I use the level 80 in my last slot or only the one in my first slot? Pls I need help (:

Spadita @ Kirin Tor
Staff Member
Hello there,

No worries, you do not need to do anything at all if you had already a level 80 before we did the first snapshot. In fact, it should be already in your character list from Dalaran, but it will be locked and you won't be able to enter just yet. When all the Realm First level 80 are achieved, they will be unlocked and with restrictions applied.

You can check these two announcements where it is explained:

- Restrictions of level 80 from Algalon in Dalaran
- Few more details

If your character was below level 80 after the 12th of August and you want to transfer to the new realm, then you will have to wait until the Tier 7 (Naxxramas, Obsidian Sanctum and Eye of Eternity) Realm First are achieved. There is no date set because it will depend on many factors. The system we made is to help as much as we can with this process so the players have to do nothing at all, or very little if they arrive late. So it will be easy to do via your account panel.


If your character from Algalon was 80 before the 12th of August, is already in the new realm but locked until the level 80 realm first are taken, already with restrictions applied. If not, the next batch of transfers will happen after Tier 7 Realm First via the website tool.


Harzoo @ Algalon

80 Night Elf Warrior
On a related note, for the characters whose names we chose to free up, your news post said they would be automatically flagged for a rename, is this already up or do we have to wait until the transferred characters are available on Dalaran before we can rename?

Tcat @ Algalon

80 Undead Warlock
I'm a pvp player with lower level characters. There are still many people like myself on the original server. Once these realm first achievements are completed will we get merged to the new server or will the server population remain split?

I miss playing with people but the new server doesn't have all my characters. I appreciate the work you've put into making Dal wow amazing. I know some are excited about replaying realm firsts with lower tier gear but I am not a fan of this population splitting event.

Milksq @ Algalon

Undead Mage
Tcat, its literally explained on Spadita's post, second paragraph. 80s will be unlocked in a couple of days though, hunter is about to get the RF and the troll is 75 I think

Tcat @ Algalon

80 Undead Warlock
Milk, let me rephrase my question. The things I am doing with my level 80 now... will those things transfer over to the new server at a later date or will my level 80 be regressed back to whatever they had on the 12th?

In addition, I sold tons of inscriptions to players for gold. I don't get to keep my gold but they get to keep their inscriptions. I really dislike working that hard to save up only to have it deleted down to 500g. :(

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