Old TBC Content

Roxicet @ Algalon
Blood Elf Paladin
I wanted to suggest something I thought was interesting. The server's great as it is.

What I wanted to suggest was, since TBC content isn't really being used, that Karazhan get a fairly easy revamp. All you have to do is double the HP of a few encounters inside Karazhan, and add a weekly quest to kill like, the 5 you revamped. The 5 revamped mobs have a chance to drop a weapon item that's just a purple. But, the purple cannot be repaired and has a set amount of durability that once broken stays broken.

There would be one of each weapon type for this on a chance to drop. That weapon has 10x the stats of the best WOTLK weapon of its same type, and has a chance for a base +10% to 1000% extra damage as a few tier bonuses. But, the chance for the getting the best one is one in a million, and it will eventually break.

However, you want to do the weekly anyways, because the reward for doing the weekly is an extra talent point, so doing the weekly can eventually unlock all your talents on the toon you did it with. You have a chance at a finite use god-mode weapon, albeit slim, and you get all your talent points in. From there, you can revamp other TBC areas in a similar manner.

Natie @ Algalon
80 Blood Elf Paladin
This is supposed to be a progressive raiding server, not a funserver...

Hupp @ Algalon

80 Gnome Mage
I like the revamp idea!
About the reward, im not so sure. I would give some increased chance for mount drop, or some other vanity item.

Kelisu @ Algalon

80 Undead Warlock
You are right Natie, the fun left this server years ago, alongside some great guilds and players. :)

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