How best to publicize Dalwow?

Hupp @ Algalon

80 Gnome Mage
We're trying to up vote Dalaran-wow on the 4 Vote links.

Any idea on where else we could publicize Dalwow? Any channel, website where we could make some noise to attract attention? :>

Felione @ Kirin Tor
Draenei Paladin
If we're being realistic, this server already has a reputation. The problem is, you're contending with an extremely overpopulated server, and now, over saturation of WOTLK servers.

People are more interested in fresh servers, and would flock there instead of coming here, because even if we do have a fresh version of this content, there is already an established community here, which creates friction for new players who would like to be "top dog" or form their own faction of people to rule over the other.

From the attempts that I've seen here, I personally think the only choice is rebranding, quite honestly. Keep everything hush hush, and possibly transfer our data to this new server, or simply start over completely.

This server suffers from an extremely toxic community, be it small. I've seen plenty of new players leave because they decided to finally speak in trade or global. The discussions I have screenshots of were just meaningless, and promoted actual racism, which normally made me laugh, but at the rate and obscenity of them, it was really hard NOT to leave.

I personally enjoyed this server. I was allowed to do the one thing I asked to do, and I was honest about it. The perks we received also helped me a lot, so I was enjoying my time here mostly. Unfortunately, these new changes put me off quite a bit, so I put it away for now.

If DalWow wants to truly save itself, then it's definitely time to rebrand, and leave everything behind. Look at the accomplishments of other servers, and try to incorporate your own, and relaunch it under a different identity. It really would help the owners at least. As for us? well, I think we outlived our time here, and if the staff want to keep us connected and informed of their new outfit, then I'm sure most of us would oblige.

Thank you for reading, and I hope this helps open up some eyes, or trigger some thoughts on this matter. I love this place, but I definitely don't like seeing it fall from grace.

Aireeanna @ Algalon

80 Draenei Shaman
My support for the above is as follows:

Having been playing everyday on Algalon, checking who is online and asking those if they would like to join my guild (because no one uses or joins global chat and the auction house is perma-empty) I have over 2 months of recent experience of seeing who is online on Algalon. And I have seen the decline. I built my guild up to 60 players and would have around a dozen online playing. In the past weeks there are less and less players online and playing in guild. So less that even I don't feel like logging in. Thanks.

I have been playing here on and off since 2014 and have donated several times to this server.

Hupp @ Algalon

80 Gnome Mage
Thanks for the answers!

@Felione. I get what you mean.
I'm more searching for ideas about attracting people to the server as is, than change it in some way.
If we make change, some people will leave, as it happened to you. Not every player enjoy the same game in the same ways.

As for Algalon, most players now play on Dalaran-Era-1. I get you and others prefer Algalon, that is perjectly fine! But most player will join the new realm.
What's you're in game name so i can contact you?

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