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Felione @ Kirin Tor
Draenei Paladin
This server has already moved from blizz-like since my arrival here. It's the reason I joined actually. Currently, we have the exp events and choice of exp, but there's something we're missing.

The dragons of nightmare event on Algon was actually fun for the players, it brought them to these locations and people fought for a weekly reward. It was competitive, it was rewarding, and it was worth doing.

We need more unorthodox things like this. Zones are just full of quests and dailies that we have completed a trillion times over the years, so there is absolutely no reason to visit them. NONE.

We need more world events to be consistent . We need custom mobs to represent some sort of trivial situation, where upon killed, will reward the players with something RELEVANT that can be used to earn gear.

Why is this type of thing important? WoW is actually extremely boring at max levels. It becomes a dungeon/raid waiting room for most people. This has ALWAYS been a weakness for open world content in WOTLK, which is why they began investing time in more open world content AFTER this expansion.

The goal is to keep people busy. Sure, raids do that, but those take long to begin, and not everyone is a fan of them, or has the gear to join them. Once the raids are cleared, most people just go offline. The obvious remedy is content that is relevant to their raiding challenges, and a reward that is worth staying online for.

I enjoyed all the rewards from the dragon's of nightmare, and this server was much more active when that was active, but that's not enough. We need something happening every few hours, so that people have a destination to go to, that is worth their time, their effort, and requires others to join.

I'm not sure why MOST WOTLK servers are so reluctant to do this. People like this expansion NOT for the LACK of content, but for the balances that were made after BC, which still included azeroth being a non-flying zone. This world is large, but it feels very empty in most areas. Fill those places with mobs and excitement, instead of leaving them dead.

Thank you for reading.

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