PvE Tournament: RNG Box (stage 2) content.

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Contents of the RNGbox for the 2nd Stage:

- Heroism/Bloodlust can not be used during boss encounters, but must be used if available, while killing the trash.
- The boss must always be under the effect of a Dark Jade Focusing Lens.
- Permadeath: When a player dies, they can't continue the raid nor be replaced.
- Everyone must be barefoot the whole raid.
- No combat ress, soulstone or Ankhs allowed.
- 1 player (4 on 25 mode) must always be under the effect of Sickness debuff (not necessarily the same player, affected ones can be switched).
- A "trickster" Game Master will randomly interact with the raid. They will do some naughty things, such as: randomly killing a raid member during the encounter, summoning a player into the incorrect spot (AoE, far from raid group, in front of the boss during cleave), respawning some adds.
- There must be a ninja race between bosses: Everyone in the raid must be dressed as ninja and race from the boss corpse to the next boss' room. The last one to arrive will not be allowed to participate in the encounter and has to "pirate-pull" the boss yelling "Avast yeeee!" and die from it.
- Last man standing - EVERYONE must be seated when the boss dies, only the tank must be standing.
- The group must decide a costume and everyone in the raid needs to be disguised the whole raid.
- Eternal friends: 2 players on 10 player mode (4 on 25 player mode) must be together all the time, in the same spot or next to each other, for the whole raid's duration.
- Tribute to the Scourge: On each boss, we need a player (4 on 25) disguised as Skeleton to sacrifice themselves in order to increase the Scourge numbers (these players are not affected by the Permadeath).
- No one can't use any kind of flask or elixir during the encounters, but to keep the Alchemy business flowing you need to use swiftness potions before each encounter starts. And everyone must be running while the effect lasts.
- Half of the raid group must be under the effect of the Gigantic Feast and the other half has to be under the effect of the Small feast, for the whole raid's duration.
- Everyone needs to be smashed, for the whole raid's duration.
- Freeze the healer: Healers must remain still on every encounter, they have to pick a spot before the tank pulls and stay there (they have to be marked with an icon so we can clearly see them all the time).
They can only move once each 30 seconds, the movement is allowed for 5 seconds.
- Everyone in the raid must hide behind the tank on every encounter when the boss' health is 50% and 10% and wait there for 5 seconds.
- Everyone needs to keep moving, no one can stay still for more than 10 seconds.
- The group must complete at least 50% of the achievements proposed for the achievement challenge (Icecrown Citadel).
- The weakest link: one of your raid members (4 in 25 players) must always perform a different role than the spec they are using (e.g: druid healer can only DPS, a retribution paladin can only heal...etc).
- The raid group can't use immune to damage spells/skills such as Iceblock, Dispersion, Divine Shield, Deterrence...etc.
- Tank-Healer: Healers must tank each boss for a moment, they have to take at least one hit. They can't pull the boss.
- Cloth-Tank: A cloth DPS must tank each boss for a moment, they have to take at least one hit. The DPS can't pull the boss.
- Pet curse: We need to see a non-combat companion always present. Everyone must have the same minion summoned for the encounters and we need to know the story behind that minion selection (explain to the boss why that minion is so dangerous).
- The betrayer: On each encounter one raid member (4 in 25) must do something that could make the raid fail by not following one critical tactic, for example: Stand in an AoE for more time, bring the add to the group, tank the boss in the wrong position...etc. It has to be something that could unbalance the fight or generate a wipe.
- Half of the bosses must be done in Heroic mode.
- One random achievement/task from the Icecrown Citadel achievement list will need to be done.

Each group will be given a box the same day the stage starts. Such box will contain only 6 of those rules, generated randomly. Each of the successfully completed tasks will grant the group 40 points, being the total 240 points

Remember that you can do the raids in the order you prefer, that doesn't matter at all. For example, a group can wait until the last Tournament's week and do all of the raids then. Another group may prefer to use each week to improve their score and repeat the runs to get better results.

Thank you.

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