PvE Tournament: The Legends of Dalaran - Ulduar.

Lothloryen @ Kirin Tor
Staff Member
Hello Citizens of Dalaran,

In the taverns all across Azeroth a song can be heard, one song played by the bards, yet no one remembers the first one to sing it. It is heard around all over the place, but everyone knows the truth, it is an echo of our citizens, inside our memory, it will be spread in times of joy and fear. It is a Legend but there is nothing that proves it, and Legends may be forgotten or changed so the song will change too. We need to do something to keep the Legend alive, to remember each name and each feat, and this is how it is born: The Legends of Dalaran.

All of us will remember some names, some families, famous for their strength, their passion or their victories, the truth will be constant for a while, but with time will only last as a rumor. The brotherhoods change and their leadership too; everyone is a storyteller with some dwarfish beer in their hand, but in Dalaran, there will be a special book. A magic book like our kingdom, where all those who made the bards sing, who destroyed all the enemies and were known for their bravery and power, will forever remain as Legends and be remembered with eternal glory.

Our enemies are well known, every one of us knows how to deal with their threat, how to silence them week after week, but now everyone has the opportunity to show the rest why they are Legends and the rest only mere soldiers. To become a Legend you will need to fight against your enemies but also compete with your partners, the rest of the citizens of Dalaran.

When the battle is big, the reward has to even be bigger. So your name will be remembered through generations in our world, Azerothian winds will whisper to the rest when you are close to them who are you, and what you did. The fame will surround you, not only by your titles, but also by your feats.

If you want to become a Legend, to never be forgotten and always be known by everyone in Dalaran, where the children invent tales of your feats, where the ladies blush in your presence and the knights bow before you, this is your call.

The Priests will bless your fate, the Mages will conjure your dreams, the Warlocks will slay your nightmares, the Paladins will grant you their light, the Rogues will murder your enemies, the Shamans will call the elements to your presence, the Warriors will respect your bravery, the Druids will whisper your history to the elders, the Death-Knights will plague your opponents and the Hunters will tame the wild for you. You will be known as the best of your era, and maybe of the rest of generations that you live with us.

The books of our magical Kingdom of Dalaran are waiting to be written by you, our Legend.


We are delighted to announce our plans to host for second time an unique event that has never been seen in the history of Private Servers - A progressive PvE Tournament: The Legends of Dalaran - Ulduar.

From the beginning we have been searching for Legends who can achieve the impossible, and we tried to bring the attention of all the players we could, even before Dalaran-Wow was released. Now that we are known as dedicated, persistent and devoted people to our server and to our citizens, we can proudly host one of the most epic tournaments right before each tier/season ends.

On Dalaran, not only the Realm Firsts that players have achieved will last, because there will also be Legends around, people known as the best. Eternal glory in our Kingdom awaits for you, and believe us when we say that the race will not be just based on luck. Your dedication, teamwork and partnership, must be better than the rest if you want to have any chance.

We are currently searching for the Legends of Ulduar, but we will be searching for more in the future. Each of the eras will await for their heroes, and after that, they will await for their Legends.

The idea was originally born of a suggestion from our Staff Member: Averdoom, and of a from the player Tygra ( suggestion) on the forums, about a possible guild race. After a long period of thinking about possible structures, performances and so on (always keeping our ideals and thoughts), Legends of Dalaran became true and is considered one of the great highlights from our server.

This tournament will be hosted on our realm Algalon, it will not be game-breaking, and each and every one of the participants will have their reward.

What do we plan to achieve with this?

- To increase the competitive spirit among the players.
- To bring the "hero feeling" to our players and to spread the competition to possible new players to come.
- To be the one and unique private server with such tournaments.
- To gain international and competitive PvE reference.
- To become the heart and exclusive home of the PvE players.
- To bring the most deep PvE experience in the private servers.
- To have a centralized, unified and active community.
- To bring a challenge to experienced players.
- To advertise the server and to spread our quality around, in order to increase our popularity and grow as a unit.
- To give fame and reputation to our players and guilds towards the World of Warcraft community.

The PvE tournament will consist of two different races inside Ulduar and they will be present separately on both 10 and 25 modes.

1) Between 1st and 7th of May: First challenge - Speed Race.

Once the Speed Race is over, the Achievement race will take place.

2) Between 8th and 14th of May: On the second challenge, the guilds will have to accomplish a list of achievements (that we will provide) in Ulduar. Each of the achievements will have a specific point value.

The guild having more points between both of the challenges, will be proclaimed the winner. Will anyone be able to beat Obsidius guild, our Legends of Dalaran - Tier 7 winner ?

How can you participate?

- The Guild Master or one of the Officers must register their guild to the tournament. The registration for the Speed Run Tournament will be opened tomorrow friday, the April 24rd.

**Note: Only those guilds who can have at least one player streaming via Twitch or recording everything will be eligible to participate on the tournament.

We will explain through the forums everything, the table with the speed and achievement points value, rewards, rules, rewards, guidelines and so on.

If you want to become a Legend of Dalaran, this Tournament is for you.

Lepa @ Kirin Tor

1 Blood Elf Priest
Regardless Speed Challege, how will the hardmodes affect the timer? It's another week of farm for most of the guilds, so I'd assume doing some of hardmodes against normal modes makes the timer last longer e.g. XT hardmode ~6,5 vs 2 mins on normal, Mimiron ~8,5 mins vs 5 mins on normal etc. Do you plan to affect the timers for guilds that decided to go for hardmodes instead?

Tondo @ Kirin Tor

1 Gnome Warlock
Edited by Tondo on 2015-04-24 12:16:51

You either choose to participate in the challenge and go as fast as possible, or you do your usual raid and do hardmodes.

A speed race means doing it as fast as possible, one week of loot won't hurt nor help your guild at this point after 8 months of same content.

Obsidius clears all hardmodes in less than 3 hours, why are you even asking these silly questions.

Demonizers @ Kirin Tor

1 Blood Elf Warlock
When and where will you send out the link to sign up for the speed challenge?

Lothloryen @ Kirin Tor
Staff Member
Edited by Lothloryen on 2015-04-24 13:41:58
Hello there,

Two threads with everything explained regarding the speed race shall be published in the next few hours, which will contain the guidelines, rules, rewards... etc. Of course, it will also be explained what will happen if someone decide to kill a boss in hard mode during this first stage.

Thank you very much.

Lepa @ Kirin Tor

1 Blood Elf Priest
By the amount of actually useful stuff that dropped from hardmodes, I assume we would need at least 8 more months of farm to actually get bis gear, so every week counts for us.

Aside from it, I would rather skip running uldu 25 normal modes as it would kill most of the joy of such raid, so scalling up hardmodes with the timer seems reasonable in that case.

I hope this time there will be much more competitors taking a part in the Tournament, as last time only 3 guilds made it to the end.

@ Loth, thank you for quick response.

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